View Full Version : 65mm lens for Toyo 45AX/Wista SP

Karl Beath
22-Jun-2005, 11:50
Hi to all

I don't have either of these cameras but need some answers to try and make a decision. Can one use a 65mm lens on these cameras with enough rise for architectual work? It would appear to me that the metal roof of the body wld prevent this. I noticed on the Master Tech, that there is a small flap in the roof which can be raised to allow for additional rise.

If the answer to my question is no, has anyone with these cameras, put in their own flap and hinge arrangement to allow for this?

Thanks in advance.
ps I realise from the various threads that many of you don't use folding cameras for architectual work, but I wld need this to dble as a camera for backpacking scenic work as well.


Ted Harris
22-Jun-2005, 14:09
I believe you will find that the 90mm lens is the shortest you can use on either of these cameras, that is strictly from comments others have made and my memory of the literature as I have not used either camera.

I can tell you you can use both the 75mm and 65mm lenses with a Horseman FA as it had a flap at the top of the body specifically for this purpose. I used an FA for years and used a 75mm regularly. Every once in a while a 65mm.

Robert Ley
22-Jun-2005, 15:19
I use a 75mmSA on my Wista VX and run out of image circle before I run out of the amount of rise that I can get with this camera, a recessed board and a bag bellows. I have never used a 65 with my rig, but from were the 75 focuses on the rail, I think that you could use a 65. Most 65mm lenses have a pretty small image circle to start with, so I can't see much problem with a 65 and the Wista SP/VX, although I have not used this combination personally.

Simon Knight
22-Jun-2005, 15:38
I use a 58mm SA XL with a Toyo 45AII. Rise is limited by the bellows due to the short focal length although a recessed lensboard helps. Unless the image circle is large it's not an issue.

The 65mm SA only has 10/12 mm of movements, so that will be the limiting factor.

Per Madsen
23-Jun-2005, 04:19
I have a Nikkor 65 4.0 SW on a reccessed board to my Toyo 45AII.

The main limitation is bellows compression.

If you shift the lens too much downwards you get the camera bed in the
picture, but this can be avoided by dropping the bed.