View Full Version : Kodak lens made in 1954

Jeremy Jensen
21-Jun-2005, 12:38
hello I have the opportunity to purchase a Kodak triplet lens I would like to know if its apochromatic vs the bad achro... I found out how to date such a lens on this site using C A M E R O S I T Y c=1 a=2 the lens cell says re712 r=5 e=4 so 1954 I would guess.

the Lens says: eastman Kodak Co. 805700 Type I telephoto Lens 36" 912mm 9 x 18 RE712
its about 6.25" ID and they say its a triplet could it be four elements?

Please help me Identify and price Thank You Jeremy Jensen

Mark Sampson
21-Jun-2005, 12:53
Sounds like it's a lens for an aerial camera- the focal length and the "9x18" suggest that. If so it's probably mounted in a large and heavy barrel. I would doubt that it is apochromatic, but Kodak lenses were generally very well corrected.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
21-Jun-2005, 15:09
Have you seen the lens? I suspect it weighs about 50lbs or so. I had a smaller 24" version of this lens and it weighed far more than my 11x14.

John Kasaian
21-Jun-2005, 21:21
Yup, thatsa one huge piece of glass! If its an aero ektar its probably radio active as well. These were wonderful examples of the lens maker's art. Unfortunately there is little value unless you know of someone using one of these big cameras(in which case they probably already have a lens---maybe they'd want a spare??) or a collector who isn't prone to hernias and has lots and lots of room---preferrably a lead shielded room.

Good Luck!