View Full Version : Using new style thin light table as light source

Eric Rose
21-Jun-2005, 10:18
I apologize if this has been asked before. I did a quick search of the archives but couldn't find an answer.

I want to scan four 4x5 negs all at once. My scanner, Epson 2450, does 4x5 just fine, but only 1 neg at a time. I am wondering if I could get one of those 8x10 skinny light tables as a light source. Just lay it over the negs. I'm sure I would have to do some exposure corrections in the scanning software, but it does seem do-able to me at least.

My goal is to make an 8x10 contact sheet, digitally.

Any advice??

Will Strain
21-Jun-2005, 11:53
for contact proofing, I don't see why this wouldn't work. Just don't expect them to be as high quality as the single scans would be.

I used to do this same thing with a piece of frosted plexi and a diffused lamp - contact sheet scanned at 300 dpi - works for my 6x7 work too.

Eric Rose
21-Jun-2005, 14:36
I tried it and it won't "see" anything wider than 4 inches. Must be a hack that would work!

Will Strain
21-Jun-2005, 16:50
try not using transparency mode - but regular reflective might work - if your light source is bright enough you might be just fine.

Dan Ingram
21-Jun-2005, 21:32
I've done this with my flatbed and the cheapest of old lightboxes -- just use regular reflective mode. Nothing you'd want to hang in a museum, but it makes surprisingly decent proofs.