View Full Version : How to use short focal lens on Wisner 11X14?

8-May-2017, 09:32
Today I tried to use 210mm lens on Wisner 11X14, then I realized that I only can made bellow to about 360mm (14 inches). there are two screws on each side of bed that block the movement to make bellow shorter. I checked manual of Wisner 11X14, it said minimum focus for normal bellow is 6 inch. Can someone tell be how to use 210 lens on it?164611164612164613164614

8-May-2017, 10:10

Louis Pacilla
8-May-2017, 10:25
This is how I do it with my Wisner Tech 8x10. I use the extra sliding center rail and push front standard as far back towards the ground glass as it will go but stop before passing the locking screws then lean front standard back towards ground glass using rise/tilt to center lens. This will allow you to fully compress the bellows and that's the limit. You will also find this method will keep the camera better centered over the head/tripod.

* You may have to employ a bit of base tilt as well if the FL is extremely short but it's not any trouble as it all sort of flows as you get use to it. You just use the ample movements of the Tech to center everything out.

Maybe this snap shot will give you a better idea of what I mean.

8-May-2017, 11:10
Same as on a Deardorff! 164617

8-May-2017, 12:12
Thanks Both. Can I take the blocking screws off? what is the purpose of those two screws?

Keith Pitman
8-May-2017, 13:26
I think those nuts lock the third extension. You want to leave them in place.

Tracy Storer
8-May-2017, 16:36
Re-read Louis Pacillas post more carefully.
Those "blocking" screws are the locks for a sliding extension that can go forwards or backwards INDEPENDENT of the geared extensions. Loosen the screws and slide the extension (which carries the front standard) backwards towards the back.

Thanks Both. Can I take the blocking screws off? what is the purpose of those two screws?

11-May-2017, 07:39
thanks Tracy, will try it tonight.

12-May-2017, 05:47
Yes Tracy, you are right, after loose both of screws, I can push front standard all way back. Thanks again.

Louis Pacilla
12-May-2017, 06:55
Thanks Tracy? How about that Louis guy who gave you the full details and a sample photo.I guess less is more. So your welcome.:rolleyes:;)

12-May-2017, 10:36
Thank you, Louis again. Learn more tech from all of you.

12-May-2017, 12:04
Recessed lens board and the movement of the front standard as shown.

Otherwise, duct tape and a hammer.