View Full Version : D-23 & Pyrocat HD

8-May-2017, 07:30
As I return to large format photography, I'm looking to use a semi-compensating type developer that is capable of producing brilliant high values, full-scale mid-tones and shadows. For the moment, I've zeroed in on D-23 and Pyrocat HD. I'd appreciate getting some input regarding the relative strengths and weaknesses of both. For example, do they produce similar results or are there distinct differences? If it helps, I'll be using 4x5 Tri-X 320 and FP4+ and the Stearman SP-445 developing tank.

Thanks in advance for your helpful comments.

Kevin J. Kolosky
8-May-2017, 08:13
"producing brilliant high values, full-scale mid-tones and shadows."

A recent post on here by Mr. Lee suggested that there are no magic developers and that if you want good high, middle, and low values you need to find subject matter that actually has those values.

I was just rereading some writings by Mr. Adams this weekend in which he stated that down throughout the years he used many different developers that provided satisfactory results.

Regardless, best would be for you to shoot two negs for awhile and process one in each of your developers and then see with your own eyes after using your own processing.