View Full Version : Should I Keep my Horseman VHR set-up?

Hugh Sakols
21-Jun-2005, 08:15
I just received a horseman vhr that I got through e-bay. I paid $1500 and it came with two roll film backs, and 4 lenses. The lenses include a Horseman 65mm f 7, a Horseman 105, a schneider symmar 150mm, and a Schneider symmar 210. The 105 lens is excellent but the other 3 lenses appear to have a spots that look like the coating or some residue. I'm not super picky - obviously I'm looking for a bargin. Should I be worried about these lenses. The sutters appear to be fine as is everything else. Did I pay too much? I have the option of returning within 10 days. The lenses have no visable scratches.

Leonard Evens
21-Jun-2005, 08:30
There is no way to know how good the lenses are without making some test exposures. You will also want to test the roll film holders. You can do a quick test by photographing sheets of newsprint with fine detail taped to a wall. If you also take such pictures at a 45 degree angle, you can check whether the gg/film holder registration is right. Be careful with the roll film holders because they tend to slip if you turn the crank too quickly.

It is surprising how much crud you can have on a lens without your seeing any degradation of the image. I would be more concerned about the accuracy of the shutters. You should probably have the lenses/shutters cleaned and adjusted. That may eliminate the crud you see on the lenses.

I have the Horseman 65 mm, 90 mm, and 150 mm lenses. They are great lenses and have adequate coverage for the movements the camera is capable of. The 105 lens probably has a smaller image circle. I don't know anything about the Schneider lenses for the 6 x 9 format.

Will Strain
21-Jun-2005, 10:09
I think for the kit you got, you got a pretty good price. Especially if the holders and shutters turn out to be pretty good.

The spots could be the coating starting to go - which would not be a huge deal if you use a rubber lense shade, or it could just be residual moisture. Try gently cleaning them with lens fluid and see where you end up. But generally (and without seeing what you are seeing) the image is not significantly affected by even a pretty good amount of crud and coating flake.

I agree with Leonard - with any lens I buy online - I typically send it in to be CLA'd. You might send one out at a time (one a month) so you can keep shooting and not have to pay all that up front.

Nice rig Hugh :) Have fun with it.