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20-Jun-2005, 13:31
Hi All,

I was wondering whether any one knows about the Linhof 4x5 filmholder darkslides... one of mine has separated at the top and, therefore, it's very hard to pull out of the holder without breaking it.

This is one of those holders where the back end opens automatically for film loading...

Are these available for purchase anywhere?

Thanks in advance for any answers that may be forthcoming...


Ole Tjugen
20-Jun-2005, 14:10
Is this the old plate/film "universal Holder mit Auswerfer"? Or the slightly newer ones - film only - with exposed-in holder numbers?

I can't help you either way, just thought it might be helpful if you clarify things a little ;)

Ernest Purdum
20-Jun-2005, 15:57
Since there is considerable standardization of filmholders, you might ask a friend or a dealer to compare a current Fidelity or whatever darkslide against yours. They should be available from the maker on special order. I have also seen them on eBay occasionally.

If that doesn't work out, maybe you could cut a larger one down to size.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
20-Jun-2005, 17:45
A few years ago I tried to locate replacement slides for a 13x18 Linhof holder, and found than since they have been discontinued years ago, parts are no longer available. I ended up repairing the slide with epoxy and then sanding them down. Replacement with a plastic like garolite, or even cutting down a larger slide would also be possible. In any case, I would recommend contacting Bob Solomon of HP Marketing and asking him.

Bob Salomon
20-Jun-2005, 19:16
Call Marflex for Linhof replacement slides. As long as they still have them they are happy to sell them to you. But you need to specify if they are for Linhof Double Cut Filmholders or for Linhof Glas Plate/Filmholder.

20-Jun-2005, 19:47
Hi again,

Thanks for all your comments...


I "just" received these two holders and haven't even had the chance to give them a try yet. But, they're the Linhof Double Cut holders (as per Bob's posting below.)

It's interesting that the "plate" upon which the film sits has a degree of flex to them. It's similar to a pressure plate on the Blad roll film holders... (and, of course in 35mm cameras) and I would surmise that it's designed to keep the film as flat as possible. So, I'm looking forward to doing some experimenting and looking at the end result.

Since the holders are a bit thicker than those made by Fidelity, Toyo, and others... I hope they'll fit into the back of my cameras properly (with standard Graflock back.)

Ernest, Jason,

Thank you... I just knew Bob would pop up and respond! :) Thanks Bob... I'll contact Marflex and ask them tomorrow. :)

Again... thanks kindly for all the information (as usual... :))

[Bob, is there an email address for Marflex? I live in Canada but have done most of my purchases through the US as there's just not a lot of LF gear available here. :( ]


20-Jun-2005, 19:51
Oops... Jason,

Sorry, I forgot to respond to your comment about using epoxy glue to repair the slide.

Unfortunately, the part that is "ripped" is right at the top directly underneath the number tag. Therefore, I don't think it's repairable even with epoxy. If I pull it anymore... it'll just tear right across that lip.

If Marflex does have extra dark slides... I may give it a go and see what happens. :)

Again... thank you for the suggestion. :)


Bob Salomon
21-Jun-2005, 05:02

21-Jun-2005, 12:41
Thanks Bob...