View Full Version : Stearman SP-445 developing tank caps - UK query

3-May-2017, 10:10
Has any user of this tank here in the UK found caps that will fit the Stearman SP-445 developing tank, perhaps from a soft drink bottle etc? I had a mini panic today when I couldn't find one of mine and I realised that I was vulnerable and need a backup. I'm ordering some from Stearman but in the interim I was hoping someone's had better luck than me trawling through discarded plastic bottles. I've searched through posts on the site here to no avail - but that might just be me!


larry plummer
4-May-2017, 12:51
Did you check his blog post about the caps?


4-May-2017, 23:20
Did you check his blog post about the caps?[/URL]

I did Larry and I actually found a couple of suppliersd of 33/400 caps but they were wholesalers and the minimum order was 2,500! Now old I may be but I'm not that forgetful, now, what was I saying? :confused: ;) Hopefully my order from Stearman won't take too long and, like an insurance cover, they may not be needed.