View Full Version : Chanham 5x7 wide angle bellow

Henri Lourdelet
20-Jun-2005, 07:54

I am about to purchase a Canham 5x7 bellow to adapt to another view camera.

As I am going to use wide angle lenses, I wonder if somebody uses this bellow and which lenses
it can accomodate.

I understood from reviews that the standard 5x7 Canham bellow limits movements for a 90mm and is difficult to use with the 72mm.

What are the wide angle bellow characteristics ? What is the longer and wider lens it can accomodate ?



Michael Kadillak
20-Jun-2005, 09:26
I have this bellows for my metal 5x7 Canham camera and use it for my 90mm and 120mm Nikon SW wide angle lenses. I can say that I have not had any difficulty in accomplishing my image objectives. That said, these bag bellows have a part of them that fit inside the rear standard that is pleated like a conventional standard bellows before the bag portion starts. Works for this camera as designed.

I might suggest that if you are using it for another camera and "modifications" mean some hands on time, why not make your own specifically to your needs. You may be able to just use the "bag" only and afford yourself considerable more flexibility.


QT Luong
20-Jun-2005, 16:42
My bag bellows for the *wood* 5x7 Canham is 100% cloth without the pleated part that Michael describes. Maybe a call to Keith Canham is in order, to make sure you get the one you want. You have sometimes to pull it out, or better, remove the ground glass and push it out, but if you do that, I don't see why any short lenses could not accomodated. If I remember well, it will work with a 210.