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25-Apr-2017, 10:56
Hi all,
Does anyone know if it is possible to mount paper to aluminum in such a way that after multiple exposure and wet cycles it can be safely removed again?

I'm looking into multiple printing processes and this seems to be one of the first (of many) problems to solve.

Any info is appreciated

25-Apr-2017, 11:49
Hi Jason, the sadly missed Mr. David Chow used a hot vacuum press to bond the paper to aluminium and re-heats the sandwich at the end of the process to separate them again. Brief mention is made here: https://artofplatinum.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/multi-layer-platinum-printing-the-kosel-method/ with slightly more detail given at the end of the page in the comments section. I'm sure there's more information to be found amongst David's other writings on his site and other articles he linked to for further reading.

I hope this helps.

bob carnie
25-Apr-2017, 12:09
I have been mounting paper to 20 gage aluminum for multiple printing for a few years now..

I have yet to find the perfect soloution... Some of the adhesives release the paper after two wettings , others never let go of the paper.

One thing I have learned is to presoak the paper whether you mount or not ,,, shrinkage is a very strong aspect and even mounted you can go out of register.

today I am doing duotones with preshrunk paper and getting nice registration.

25-Apr-2017, 15:32
Molli, thanks for the link to that blog - its got lots of great info and inspiring prints.

Bob, thanks for the info. I'll definitely be presoaking the paper beforehand.