View Full Version : Shutter Calibration

Brian Sims
18-Jun-2005, 18:11
I've calibrated shutter speeds up to 1/15th by recording the sound of the shutter on my computer. Each speed for each lens is in a separate file. I then import the files into Microsoft Movie Maker (comes standard on most newer computers). This allows me to see on screen the open and close point. It also shows the points on a timeline. You can zoom in on the time line to get a pretty accurate read up to 1/15th. Any faster would require an audio program that allows you to zoom in on a much shorter time scale. Anyone know of a software package that would work?

Glenn Thoreson
18-Jun-2005, 18:32
Someone over at Photo.net has that information. Look in the classic cameras forum if you can't find the info. A similar question came up within the last few days and the gentleman posted a link in his reply.

ronald moravec
18-Jun-2005, 19:12
Calumet`s shutter tester works well, but leaf shutters are inheritently off as the opening and closing takes time and that percentage of the exposure depends upon the aperture.

Calumet`s cost about $100. Had mine for decades.

John Parker
22-Jun-2005, 12:07
If you've got any electronics skills/ equipment you might try a method I used. Borrowing an osilliscope is the first step. Then I got an photodiode (reads light) and a light source to match (mine required a IR LED) from Radioshack. The photodiode has a very quick response time (less than 1 ms or 1/1000 of a second). I turned on the light source, put the photodiode behind the shutter, connected the scope and triggered the shutter. Measure the high voltage time with the scope. As I'm writing this, I realize it may seem complicated and does require some special equipment (an oscilliscope, primarily), but you can get a very accurate measurement with less than $10 in parts from Radioshack if you have the tools and patience.