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14-Apr-2017, 14:44
Anybody have a link which gives examples of how print colour changes from full platinum to full palladium as different ratios are mixed?

14-Apr-2017, 18:04
Since no one has responded I will say in my experience, printing pt/pd since the mid 1980s, that there are variables that complicate it. Especially if you mix the two and keep using the same developer over a long period of time the color becomes more and more difficult to significantly change or control. Say fresh mixed developer heated to 120F or more with pure palladium will give you a warmer, browner looking print, but that will depend somewhat on the paper you use. Mixing platinum with palladium and using aged developer it gets hard to make much difference in color on whatever paper. Platinum prints are more neutral but it is less significant than the difference in contrast and density of the black. Over time I have come to just use a standard mix of 15% platinum for that reason of contrast and black density. Actually even a 10% platinum mix will give a contrast and black density boost over pure palladium. Then if you decide to use NA2 platinum as a contrast agent with pure palladium you really have not much ability to affect the more neutral color. Now with my old developer and slightly warm tone paper base I don't even get much color shift from using hot developer (potassium Oxalate). Now my reason for heating my developer is, at least in my imagination, it eliminates sparkly bits left from using tween or streaks from using dry brushed fumed silica.

14-Apr-2017, 20:46
If you are wanting much color variation you need to look at Ziatype Pt/Pd prints. Can go from eggplant purple to blue black and neutral tones almost anywhere between. Bostick & Sullivan has the kits so you can get one and see what reality is.

14-Apr-2017, 23:01
Thanks. Just trying to get a sense of the possibilities before my new darkroom is finished and testing starts in earnest.

Colin Graham
15-Apr-2017, 11:14
Ziatype is a really nice process. There are much colder-toned than DOP palladium on the papers I've tried (mostly COT 320 and BFK Rives), but you can warm them up a bit with a drop or so of sodium tungstate.

16-Apr-2017, 07:14
Yes, Ziatype is the the bomb!

bob carnie
16-Apr-2017, 09:07
Murray- not to change the direction, but have you considered Gum Bichromate ... Once you get the hang of the process its too much fun and the materials are cheap as compared to Pt Pd.