View Full Version : best fresnel solution for Technika IV

Dan Harbour
18-Jun-2005, 13:49
I have the older Technika IV with the recess for the fresnel on the inside (lens side), and a larger ground glass (in this case a clear glass) on the outside (eyeball side), without any shims but with clear signs of milling at the factory.

The fresnel is scratched and smudged from setting it down unprotected (not by me). It isn't horrible, but I'd like to spring for a proper set up. Is this a case where I can send just the back into Marflex, or do I have to give up the entire camera? Or is there a drop in third party fresnel/glass combo?

For that matter, what have Tech 4 owners found to be the best viewing combo for general use - 90 to 210mm lenses? thanks

Bob Salomon
18-Jun-2005, 13:53
It has to be done at service so that means Marflex. The current Linhof ground glass and fresnel are vastly superior to the older types like you have.

Ed Richards
18-Jun-2005, 14:40

Any ballpark on what it costs? Mine could use replacing as well. I am also curious about whether Marflex needs the whole camera or just the back.

Bob Salomon
18-Jun-2005, 15:14

Do you need just the frenel or both a gg and the fresnel?

Do you have a IV or a later model?

If you have a V or Master you can order either from any camera store and install them yourself. If you have a IV it has to be done by Marflex and they need your camera to do it properly.

For costs you would have to ask Marflex if you have a IV and your camera store for later models.

Ed Richards
18-Jun-2005, 15:45
I have a IV and I would like both done. I am not quite sure why it would take factory service as long as you get the new one sitting on the same supports as the old one.

Bob Salomon
18-Jun-2005, 17:33
Internally placed fresnels are a service center item. Your camera is over 40 years old and screens change thickness since yours was made.

The best is to have it converted to the placement Linhof has used for over 30 years and that is for the fresnel to be placed on top of the gg. That way it is easily removed when desired.

Ed Richards
18-Jun-2005, 17:39
> screens change thickness since yours was made

That makes sense. I assume they can keep the position the same so my cams work?

Bob Salomon
18-Jun-2005, 17:42
Everything would still work. Again, call Marflex with questions about this. 973 808-9626.