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11-Apr-2017, 03:38

I will be travelling to Berlin with the intention to take some large format photo whilst I'm there. Whilst packing a box of Cinestill 800T for the trip, I noticed that something had partially punctured the bottom of the film box. It doesn't look like it's gone all the way through but I'm afraid damage has already been done to the film. I was wondering if anyone had an idea whether the film would still be okay to use?
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Tobias Key
11-Apr-2017, 04:21
Rebox the film and then see if the dent lets in light. I wouldn't think it would fog the film if it is in the sealed black plastic bag I assume it's packaged in, but you might find that you have problems later down the line if you don't rebox it now.

11-Apr-2017, 04:39
As Tobias points out, film generally comes in a light tight plastic bag within the box. As long as the bag (assuming it's there) isn't punctured, the film will be just fine.

Fred L
11-Apr-2017, 04:48
If the puncture didn't break through and the film is bagged then I wouldn't worry about it. Is it a double or triple box ? but I'd still tape both sides just to prevent it from getting any worse.

12-Apr-2017, 05:21
Thanks for the advice everyone, the film was in a light tight bag and the dent didn't make it all the way through so that's a weight off my shoulders?

12-Apr-2017, 05:28
Steve's rule/ "If in doubt, try it out"... ;-)

Steve K

16-Apr-2017, 11:03
OF course, if you're travelling to Berlin, it's a great opportunity to stop by FotoImpex... I rarely leave Berlin without a new box or two :)

But I'd echo the advice of the previous posters. Pull a sheet from the top of the box and develop it unexposed. If it comes out transparent, you're fine.


16-Apr-2017, 12:01
I would advise you to also see how deep the puncture is. It might not have broken the inner lining, but there might have been enough force to dent the film itself. You should be able to take out the sheet on the side with the pucture and "see" if you can feel a dent in the film where the puncture was. If there is a dent, that could cause some sort of unwanted spot on the film during development. Of course, use completely clean hands, freshly washed and dried and fell very lightly.

Also, many films come in a three-layered box. If yours does and the pucture is on the doubled sided section, but the pucture did not go through the second cardboard layer, you should be OK.

28-Apr-2017, 04:01
Thanks for all the input everyone. The film came out great! No damage at all and I would definitely recommend Cinestill, it has a really nice tonality to it.

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28-Apr-2017, 04:35
Good to hear, I was quite confident that it would turn out alright. I may give it a try one day myself.