View Full Version : Cooler for 8x10 film holders

Jim Ewins
16-Jun-2005, 17:57
A Costco in Seattle is selling a "high performance rolling cooler which I found will hold 6 8x10 holders, 3 boxes of film, a 5x7 back, 3 5x7 holders. It is insulated and rated for 50 cans of "beverage" for 60 hours. All for $20. I think it'll work for me.

John Kasaian
17-Jun-2005, 08:55

I got one last year on the recommendation of another photographer who posts here. It worked fine for me. As an experiment I dragged it all over Mariposa Grove, "off roading" and it held up admirably. A nice feature is the well padded shoulder strap---the whole thing un-velcros from the dolly so if the going gets to tough you can sling it over your shoulder ("like a continental soldier"?) and off you go. Sadly, mine finally gave up the ghost at my daughter's 7th birthday party at Pump It Up, when it was temporarily employed in it's original vocation as a cooler: It sprung a leak so it was left in the dumpster at Pump It Up :-( I was able to fit the 8x10, half a dozen film holders, cloth, meter, filter and cleraning kits in the main compartment. The two outer compartments will each accomodate a 6x6 lensboard with lens. A handy bit of gear for about $20!


Bruce Barlow
17-Jun-2005, 09:00
I just bought two 30-can Arctic Zone shoulder bag coolers from Wal-Mart for $12.64 each. Each one holds a dozen 8x10 holders with room to spare. Zippered tops, compartments on the fronts. Take out the hard plastic removable liners.

I have two others from 2 years ago. The new ones are slightly taller and hold 8x10 holders upright. The old ones hold 5x7 holders perfectly, or 8x10 holders on their sides. One will hold my 5x7 holders, the other my reducing backs for my Sinar Norma.

I have another smaller one that holds 15 4x5 holders, which cost, I think, $6.

They may look at you funny, but take holders with you and try them for size to make sure they work they way you want.

I no longer need carry my big, daunting Sinar case in the car. Yippee!

22-Sep-2009, 19:05
Wow, I thought I was the only one thinking coolers for carrying your LF gear. I'm surprised you guys found a backpack one that would fit a 8x10!

The backpack cooler that I found (http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=2603675), though, isn't wide enough to put my 16" monorail in, though. There are also the hard coolers on wheels. Could put that cuttable foam in them to protect equipment.