View Full Version : Compur #2

Hening Bettermann
16-Jun-2005, 17:09

For those of you who desperately want a Compur #2, look here. I don't have any commercial interest in this.



Good light - Hening.

Jim Galli
16-Jun-2005, 20:43
Interesting but I think there's a loss in translation somewhere. 121 / 8 Super Angulon's are Copal 0 or Compur 0. They would swim in a Compur 2.

Ole Tjugen
17-Jun-2005, 00:20
Jim is right - these are not #2.

The Compur #2 shutters I have came with a Symmar 240/420 convertible and an Angulon 165/f:6.8. I don't think any Super-Angulons ever came in #2 shutter, unless the 210mm did? But even that huge lens shouldn't need a #2!