View Full Version : Polaroid 195

Mark Sampson
16-Jun-2005, 12:40
I'm stumped. Can anyone explain how to extend the bellows on a Polaroid 195 camera? I can remove the cover, flip up the rf/vf, then what? I can pull on the front standard but it doesn't wnt to move, and I don't want to damage anything. Of course the directions are long gone, and the Polaroid website is no help on this issue. You'd think that the 1-2-3 steps labelled on the camera would begin with setting it up, not focussing....

Sara P
16-Jun-2005, 13:24
Lift up on button number 1 slightly and this will allow you to pull on the piece that the lens is on, you should be able to pull the bellows all the way out then...

Mark Sampson
16-Jun-2005, 13:38
Exactly! That's even better than the bed-release button hidden beneath the leather on a Speed Graphic... Thanks!

Donald Qualls
16-Jun-2005, 16:19
And to close it again, you'll push the two full length struts in toward the bellows to release them, and push the front standard back until button 1 latches back over the strut extension.