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30-Mar-2017, 14:18
Up to a few years ago I regularly toured, both locally and long distance, by bicycle with usually a 35mm camera in the handlebar bag and occasionally a 4x5 in rear panniers. I Just took delivery of a brand new 2017 Fuji Touring bike to replace the Schwinn Le Tour that was stolen a while back and will again be touring for photography and exercise. I may even get a trailer to occasionally haul the 8x10 around. If you also do photography while bicycle touring, then fee free to post some of your work. Here is a street scene that I shot in Greece with a Pentax K1000 while on tour there:



30-Mar-2017, 19:27
You may not agree but here's a little gem taken in a church/monastery/castle just south of modern day Sparta in Greece:


The guard at the entrance warned that photography was not welcomed inside which made me both uncomfortable and self-conscious. Back then I did not have the series 0 Gitzo CF and the lack of a tripod shows up in the window of this K1000 shot.

It's amazing the places that you can get to on a bicycle and I'm looking forward to again touring the local/regional area this season.


David Lobato
30-Mar-2017, 20:47
New Zealand 2015. I wasn't on a bike tour, this group showed up while I was taking a break during a road trip. Nikon DLSR.


Jason Turvey
31-Mar-2017, 03:01
Not trekking but this was taken earlier this month on my cycling clubs annual trip to Mallorca, unfortunately the Konica Big Mini was faulty and this one was just about the only salvageable picture:

https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2937/33475722181_9f3529a96e_c.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/T18PVP)Mallorca Sa Calobra 2017 (https://flic.kr/p/T18PVP) by Jason Turvey (https://www.flickr.com/photos/jdturvey/), on Flickr

31-Mar-2017, 08:15
Some of the images I took on a 5-month bicycle tour in NZ back in 1986/7.
Gowland PocketView 4x5, Caltar-IIN 150/5.6, TMax100

Graham Patterson
31-Mar-2017, 08:33
Back in the late 1990's. This is part of Hadrian's Wall. At the time I was cycle-camping with my old Brompton T5 folder (a touch under geared for the hills, but very railway friendly). YashicaMat, Delta 400, probably a yellow/green filter.


31-Mar-2017, 12:58
These two are from an impromptu tour of the San Juan Islands to use up "sick leave" days or loose them. I flew from SFO to SeaTac, rode up through Seattle and Whidbey Island to Anacortes where I ferry-hopped and camped on the islands before taking the ferry to Victoria and across the Strait of Juan De Fuca and then back to SeaTac - making a gigantic loop with SeaTac being ther beginning and terminus. It was a great trip in which I stayed in local motels in Washington and campgrounds on the islands. The first is a roadside view - forget where - and the 2d is a shot of my bicycle on a Washington State ferry.