View Full Version : Copal 1 Needs CLA - Recommendations?

John Layton
30-Mar-2017, 08:30
I have a Copal 1 shutter that needs a CLA, and its been years since I've had this done. Any recommendations for someone reasonably close to Vermont that can do this for a decent price and turnaround time? Thinking that Grimes might be a good choice...but any others that I might consider? Thanks!!

John Kasaian
30-Mar-2017, 09:39
Carol at Flutot's, in next door Whittier, CA would be my first choice. She probably was a waiting list but I'd check with her first---maybe it's not a long wait right now.

30-Mar-2017, 10:50
Check with your local camera shops and see if they know of anyone. Maybe also look for a local camera club on Facebook or something. That's what I do for stuff like that. And I found out I have a pretty good camera repairman whose shop is within walking distance of my house. His prices are pretty cheap and his turn around is usually just a few days!

Drew Bedo
30-Mar-2017, 18:32
For the last 15 years and more my LF lenses and shutters have been CLA'd by Professional Camera Repair in Houston.