View Full Version : Instant Mytol, anybody using this film developer?

Eric Woodbury
29-Mar-2017, 18:24
I've been using LegacyPro EcoPro ascorbic acid developer (XTOL). It is fine. I discovered that there is a mix-your-own instant version concentrate. I have lots of all the chems, so I tried. Nothing extensive. It seems fine, too. A little more energetic than regular EcoPro. I'm curious if there are other users here at LFF using the instant Mytol and what your experience is?

BTW, I'm using the TEA version.


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30-Mar-2017, 02:36
Hi Eric,

I use Mytol as a replacement for Xtol on a regular basis, and find the results identical to Xtol, although I did not do a rigorous side by side test, in my final print I cannot distinguish prints made from a negative souped in Xtol or Mytol.

I keep the developer stock made in TEA and glycol (quite viscous and not that easy to pipette) and have separate bottles with Sulphite (amounts for 120 or 35mm or 4*5 film), and mix those when needed in the right amounts. Although the stock is said to be very stable, it isn't in my hands: the starting colour is a light straw yellow, changing to a deep tea brown. When reached that colour, or better before, discard since the developer is quite weak than.

I tried to be smart and aliquoted a batch in plastic PE tubes (12.5 ml, needed for 500ml developer), only to see the colour change very rapid, within 2 months. Turns out that PE plastic freely passage oxygen thus oxidising the developer, despite the fact it's soluted in TEA and glycol.