View Full Version : Super angulon XL 47mm or Grandagon 55mm?

29-Mar-2017, 08:58
I am about to buy one of these... any experiences?? any is better?


Bob Salomon
29-Mar-2017, 10:01
Apo Grandagon.

29-Mar-2017, 11:48
I am about to buy one of these... any experiences?? any is better?
Hello ruilourosa,
IMHO, in general, Rodenstock lenses has better rendering.
Schneider Super Angulon XL 47mm/5.6, is not the equivalent of Rodenstock APO Grandagon 55/5.6, comparison is not fair.
I know and use the 47XL. Very super wide, it's sharp enough but not very sharp and I think not supposed to be at that extreme wide angle. Consider please it's limited flange focal length and IIIc center filter. I use it with flat lens board on Sinar with wide angle bellows II, still around 5mm extra after infinity.
Some claim it does need a center filter for reversal films only, but I do not think so. It does need a center filter even with B&W films.
Reviewing specifications, 47XL looks much wider than Grandagon, considering adding subject size effect of focal length plus 10 of coverage, together.
Focal length:--------48mm-----Vs-----55mm
Coverage:-----------120------ Vs-----110
FFD:-----------------59mm-----Vs----- 68mm
Hope this helps.

Armin Seeholzer
29-Mar-2017, 11:59
I had booth of them and only the 47 XL is still with me! The 55mm is not bad at all, but for me it was sometimes still to long, so I buy'd the 47 XL and had booth for at least 4-5 years but at the end the 47mm saved 2-3 times my ass for architecture pics in a small old town and also inside in small rooms!
From sharpness point of view I could not see really a difference, its just the widest lens for 4x5 inch if the 47 XL can't do it no other lens can do it!

You don't get mine Armin

29-Mar-2017, 12:56
Schneider Super Angulon XL 47mm/5.6 is the one to get.

29-Mar-2017, 13:36
Apo Grandagon.

:) I rather expected Bob to say that. Both are excellent lenses. Make your choice on necessary coverage. I will say that I have never been disappointed by a Rodenstock lens, but when coverage is critical in this range, the S/A wins. Just know what you are doing if you use a centre filter.

Now, if you want to go crazy on 6x12cm, try the Rodenstock 35mm lens. Almost too wide. Amazing!

30-Mar-2017, 05:26

the Apo-Grandagon 4.5/55 is one of the greatest lenses I ever used.
Mostly with center filter (Rodenstock) at f16 on 4x5".
If You don't need the extra angle of the SA 47XL, take the 55.

Best wishes

Armin Seeholzer
30-Mar-2017, 11:34
I use the SA 47 XL almost without CF it is my hero lens!