View Full Version : Korona Criterion View Finish

Terence McDonagh
15-Jun-2005, 11:14
I have a 5x7 Korona Criterion View in good cosmetic shape, except for the bellows. However, it is painted black. I've never seen another painted Korona and am wondering if it is original. The fiberq site ( http://www.fiberq.com/cam/gundlach/crit.htm ) mentions only a cherry or walnut finish. However, if it is NOT original some one went to great pains to remove every fitting, etc before painting it. The paint is definitely fairly old as there are a few wear marks on the bottom and in the slots and the exposed would is fairly oxidized. I scraped a little bit more off and the newly uncovered part is not oxidized. I know cherry oxidizes pretty quick when exposed to sunlight, but it's still a decent clue to the paint's age. I'd like to strip it and apply a clear finish, but would feel bad if it indeed IS the original finish. Monetarily I'm not concerned. I got it for a good price and would probably make money selling it either way. So has ANYBODY out there found painted, especially black-painted, Koronas? Even better, has anyone seen a painted Criterion View?

15-Jun-2005, 20:22
I have a 6.5 X 8.5 Korona Criterion camera and the wood is original cherry finished. I have seen a number of other Criterions and they were all cherry. I strongly suspect that that the black finish is not original and underneath there is nice cherry wood.

Frank Bagbey
16-Jun-2005, 21:19
Terence, I have seen a number of Ansco view cameras painted gray that had beautiful wood underneath when refinished. I have not seen any painted Koronas. I would start stripping and refinishing and make a beautiful view camera.

Terence McDonagh
17-Jun-2005, 08:23
Thanks folks. That's what I wanted to hear. The black paint with nickel fittings looked a little too "old west."

And obviously I meant "wood" not "would." Must have had a beer that night.