View Full Version : 65mm on linhof Tech III?

Rowan Conroy
14-Jun-2005, 22:26
I am relatively new to Large format. I bought a Linhof Technica Version III about six months ago and now I am contemplating the purchase of a wide angle lens- the 65mm Nikkor SW f/4 but I am unsure about a number of issues - firstly will I be able to focus this lens? or will the infinity focus point be somewhere in that gap between the internal rails that and the focussing bed?

a local linhof distributor - said the tech III was compatible with 65mm lenses is this correct? If so what are some of the considerations in going this wide on Tech III?

any advice would be appreciated

Sydney, Australia

David A. Goldfarb
14-Jun-2005, 23:02
To focus a 65mm lens, you'll need a Wideangle Focusing Device, if you can find one for the Tech III.

Juergen Sattler
15-Jun-2005, 04:58
I used to own a Tech III (Version 5) and the widest lens I ever used on it was a 90mm Grandagon. I cannot imagine how you could focus a 65mm even with a recessed lensboard - the controls would be impossible to reach. As David said you'd need one of these wide angle devices but I am not sure they existed at all for the Tech IIIs AND they are quite expensive. I could see a 75mm lens on a Tech III (with recessed board) but not a 65mm.

David A. Goldfarb
15-Jun-2005, 08:06
I've seen an early version of the Wideangle Focusing Device that did not take interchangeable lensboards like the current version. Instead it was drilled for one lens. I think they made them in this style for both the Tech III and early on for the Tech IV, but Bob Salomon can confirm.

Dan Neilson
15-Jun-2005, 18:09
I had a Tech III and used a 65mm Super Angulon on a recessed board. You have to tuck the front standard into the body cavity, as if you were going to fold the camera up, drop the bed and then you can use the back extensions for focusing. You also will have some rear tilt and swing movement available with this configuration. Give it a try. It works.

Brian Ellis
15-Jun-2005, 18:44
The gap between the focusing rails and the internal rails can be eliminted (and shoud be eliminated) when using a 90mm or shorter lens by pushing the upper focusing rail all the way back into the camera so that it touches the internal rails.

Linhof says you can't use any lens shorter than 75mm without a wide angle focusing device. However, Don Kirby uses a very short lens, a 58 I think, on his. He does that by pushing the lens all the way back and then using the back to focus as someone else here suggested. I don't remember whether he uses a recessed lens board or not. However, even if it's possible to do I think there are better cameras than Technikas out there for people who want to use 65mm and shorter lenses.