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23-Mar-2017, 11:12
Hi everyone!

I'm currently using a Jobo Expert Drum 3010 with a Beseler motor base for processing my B&W 4X5 sheet film.

I read a couple of threads here from long ago (circa 2008) where a couple of people said that they are able to pour chemistry into their Jobo drums while it's rotating on the motor base.

I'm hoping someone can tell me how to set it up to do that? Do I have to use a flexible funnel? Which funnel do you use, and how do you attach it to the mouth of the drum so that it can still rotate while the funnel is hooked in? Is there a piece of hardware I need to attach to the flexible funnel to enable it to do that?

Any other way to pour chemistry into the drum while it's rotating?

Any help would be appreciated!

Erik Larsen
23-Mar-2017, 11:29
Here's what I use. The funnel was from true value hardware and you can cut the hose so it just fits in the drum opening. The funnel has a tab on the lip to be able to screw it to the upright post. I put a bearing n the opposite end that the drum rolls against to keep it from walking off the motor base. A couple bucks for the funnel and some scrap wood is all it takes.

Eric Woodbury
23-Mar-2017, 11:33
When I was using Jobo drums, I had a right-angle funnel. I made it from a regular funnel. I took a short piece of PVC conduit and bent it 90 degrees. PVC is wonderfully easy to shape. Cut the pipe to length and put it in a warm (170F) oven. It will be light a wet noodle when warm. Then you shape the 90 degrees and stuff the funnel in one end to shape that, too. Cool it with a wet dishcloth to 'freeze it' in place. I glued (with Goop) this PVC pipe to the funnel output.

If you mess up the bend, just reheat the pipe and it will return to its original shape (unless you get it too hot). If the pipe is too long for your oven, then you can do this with steam or a heat gun, although it's easy to burn the PVC with a heat gun.

If you don't want to bend PVC, you can buy a pre-bent 90 at the home center. Their in the electrical supply section.

David Karp
23-Mar-2017, 12:31
Mine is similar in concept to Erik's pictured above. I purchased my funnel from the local auto parts store. Here is a description of my apparatus: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?51174-Apparatus-to-aid-using-Expert-Drum-with-roller-base

The funnel I use has a twist lock valve that controls the flow of liquid down the flexible tube.

23-Mar-2017, 14:29
The 3000 drums are so expensive, I don't know why anyone would use it without the processor.

Eric Woodbury
23-Mar-2017, 15:06
I used without a processor because there were early problems with Jobo's motors. Also, it took more counter space than I had. I used my own base. Wish I had simply rolled it on the sink.

23-Mar-2017, 23:29
I just got a length of plastic tubing at the hardware store. Since it is sold in a roll, it already came with the perfect curve. I stick a funnel in one end and stick the other end into the rotating drum (does not have to be tight -- if fact should not be.) I put a piece of black electrical tape on the end of the hose so that I know how far to stick it into the drum lid (so that I do not accidently pull it back out too far while filling). One soon learns how fast to pour the chemicals in to prevent any from coming back out of the lid. I have a tray set under the lid to catch any backwash.

I have a CPA2 that I have not hooked up yet -- waiting for the darkroom to be built. So a Unicolor motor base set up next to the kitchen sink works fine. I'll need to see if the CPA2 can handle the 3005. But I have three 3005s and a 3006. Had them all loaded up...have gotten to two of the 3005s and too windy to get to the two other drums tonight (could lose power). Can't find my funnel...guess it is time for a new one, but the hose is wide enough to pour directly into, so no worries!

Colin Graham
24-Mar-2017, 13:19
Loc-line (https://www.amazon.com/Loc-Line-Acetal-Copolymer-Coolant-Assembly/dp/B006VKESA6) coolant hose works well for this, the hose can be bent into any shape you want. They sell inline valves for the hose, and can be easily adapted to a funnel. I made a stand out of a few Schedule 40 parts and a piece of 1/4" Lexan.


Michael Rosenberg
26-Mar-2017, 08:14
I did what David suggested -went to an auto parts store and found an oil funnel with a hose and cock valve. Works very well.


14-Aug-2018, 10:36
Is there any reason that this couldn’t work with a Patterson tank if you left the tubing in (I have a cibachrome motor base)?

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Drew Wiley
14-Aug-2018, 12:42
You could also use one of those goose-necky clamping devices resembling a chain of plastic balls available in some hardware stores or even in relation to studio lighting to hold up the funnel. The main potential flaw I see in any of this would involve too small a hose. Larger Jobo drums fill and drain far too slowly to be ideal, so slowing this down even more with small diameter tubing would not be a good idea.

Jim Noel
14-Aug-2018, 15:35
Is there any reason that this couldn’t work with a Patterson tank if you left the tubing in (I have a cibachrome motor base)?

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There is no reason to not try.