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Don Wallace
14-Jun-2005, 07:10
I will be going to NYC for a week this Saturday. Unfortunately, I am unable to bring my LF gear and will have to settle for my RB67. However, I would like to visit some good LF shops while I am there. Any suggestions? Any galleries or photographic exhibitions I should not miss?

14-Jun-2005, 07:21


If you want to see vintage modernist american work, or work that wishes it were,
check out


And for the full Willy Wonka experience, be sure to stop by B+H Photo

David A. Goldfarb
14-Jun-2005, 07:34
Photo Gizzmo has a great selection of LF Gear (www.photogizzmo.com), and you should at least top in at Lens and Repro (www.lensandrepro.com) to see all the classic stuff.

Pick up a free copy of the _Village Voice_ anywhere in the city to see what's showing when you're in town.

One of my favorites is the John Stevenson gallery, which shows a lot of alt-process work (www.johnstevenson-gallery.com). There are not many other places to see Fresson prints, and there is always something interesting going on there.

Bob Salomon
14-Jun-2005, 07:52
Also FotoCare www.fotocare.com.

Louie Powell
14-Jun-2005, 08:35
See this site: http://www.photography-guide.com/

It provides a listing of what is currently showing in the various photography galleries around the city.

If you can, purchase a copy of "photograph" magazine - its a hard-copy version of the information on the photography guide web site, and includes maps that show where the galleries are located, where the nearest subway stops are, etc. It also includes nice reproductions of current photography and makes a nice souvenir. Many galleries have it.

David mentioned the John Stevenson Gallery. I second that motion - it's fabulous. But you can walk about two blocks west and three blocks north from there and find a neighborhood that is door-to-door galleries - just wander around the area between 10th and 11th Avenues, and between 21st and 24th streets.

Another hot spot is 57th street - a number of galleries have recently relocated from SoHo to mid-town, and they tend to be clustered in one or two buildings to minimize the walking requirement.

As to places to visit - - - well, you can buy anything in New York. I like to visit Adorama and Calumet, and B&H is the photographer's candy store. Lens and Repro is known for their LF selection.

And just for chuckles, walk along Canal Street - great "experience" and you will find some really neat stuff that you don't know that you desperately need until you see it!

Have a great visit.

Terence McDonagh
14-Jun-2005, 08:45
Keep in mind that B&H is closed on Saturdays, open on Sundays, and closes early on Friday, Photo Gizzmo is closed weekends. Lens & Repro, also closed on weekends, is like a museum. You'll wander around in wonder and realize that you can't afford their prices. Definitely worth the trip though. Gizzmo and Len & Repro also both close pretty early, around 5pm I believe.

Don Wallace
14-Jun-2005, 10:24
I went to the Edward Carter site, but I could not find an address anywhere. What I am missing?

Dan Baumbach
14-Jun-2005, 16:04
Lens and Repro, www.lensandrepro.com, should be a nice place to browse used gear.

- Dan.

14-Jun-2005, 22:41
"I went to the Edward Carter site, but I could not find an address anywhere. What I am missing?"

My bad. turns out they closed their soho gallery in 2003.

Louie had the best advice ... just check photography-guide.com and you're bound to find something good.

Jorge Gasteazoro
14-Jun-2005, 22:50
If you like Alternative processes with empahsis on pt/pd dont miss the John Stevenson Gallery at 338 West 23rd street, you will love the collection they have. Of course, MOMA is always a good bet, even if they are not showing photography.
Have fun, I loved NY and I think you will too... :)

Don Wallace
15-Jun-2005, 07:50
Thanks for all the tips, folks! I checked out the photography guide and also emailed John Stevenson. Gonna be a fun trip.

I wish I could take my 4x5 or 8x10, but my wife (who has been there often) said setting up a tripod at most times in NYC is an invitation to get trampled. Besides, she is SO impatient and actually wants to see things other than her husband under a dark cloth.

BTW, my medium format friends think it is quite funny that I bought the tank-like RB67 as a hand-held point and shoot, for trips like this.