View Full Version : Inner Plate for Wista Cameras to allow Recessed Boards to fit

18-Mar-2017, 17:09
I've sold quite a few Wista cameras over the years, but had not paid any attention to this problem: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?135192-recessed-board-doesn-t-fit-into-bellows Since Patrick bought the board from me, I thought I should resolve it.

There are two plates in the Wista bellows. The front of the bellows is sandwiched between these two plates. At some point of time, Wista changed the design of the inner plate to one with a smaller hole and a raised lip. This is what prevents a recessed board from being installed. In the last couple of months, I examined a number of Wista cameras, and found that since the bellows are interchangeable among all Wista 4x5 field cameras, any camera may have either type of inner plate. Wista no longer makes this kind of inner plate.

I made a new inner plate and confirm that a recessed board can fit into the bellows. Problem solved!

I've got an initial batch manufactured. These are laser cut from 0.5mm aluminum sheet and anodized.

Installing the new plate is fairly simple. Photos: https://goo.gl/photos/gjv5fRhYCZcUSf4b7

1. Remove the bellows from the camera.
2. Remove the 4 screws from inside the front of the bellows.
3. Separate the inner and outer plates. There may be contact cement holding them together, so some gentle force will be required.
4. Clean the outer plate.
5. Gently remove the bellows fabric from the inner plate.
6. Trim the bellows of any ragged edges.
7. Gently insert the new inner plate into the first pleat of the bellows.
8. Stick the bellows material to the plate with contact cement.
9. Firmly press the outer plate on to the inner plate and re-attach the screws.
10. Install the bellows in the camera, and you're done!

Each plate is priced at 3,600 JPY, including worldwide e-Packet shipping.

Please do not send me a PM! Instead, send me an email at focusgma at gmail dot com with your full name, Paypal email, verified street address and phone number, and I'll send you an invoice.