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16-Mar-2017, 11:26

Earlier today I was contacted by a friend who is selling some of his deceased father's camera gear. I always thought his dad was a small format guy (i.e. 35mm); however, I'm told the family has found a few LF items in his humble stash of goodies. The one item that caught my attention is a Nikon Nikkor-M 200mm F/8 Lens that my friend says is in mint condition. He is holding it for me at a very reasonable price. Before I go visit him to ascertain the true condition and function, I wanted to get confirmation from this group that this is a lens that would be a definite value add to my LF quiver. I've read good things about this lens over the years; however, the f/8 always seemed to be a sticking point with me. Now that I have what sounds like a good opportunity to acquire a nice copy of this lens, I'm thinking I simply need to get over my f/8 problems and pull the trigger.

Your thoughts and comments are sincerely appreciated.


BTW, I shoot 4x5 in LF.

Phil Hudson
16-Mar-2017, 11:46
Sceen brightness is not an issue in daylight on my Arca 4x5.....it has a built in fresnel which might help a little with the f/8. The tiny size/weight is almost pointless on the big Arca but I see no need to change.

Mark Sampson
16-Mar-2017, 12:23
If it's anything like it's cousin, the 300/9 Nikkor-M that I use, it should be a real standout. I'd say get it and try it; if you don't like it, you will easily be able to sell it on. My guess is that you'll want to keep it, once you've used it for a while.

16-Mar-2017, 12:39
The Nikkor M-series lenses (200/8, 300/9, 450/9) are outstanding general-purpose lenses.

Nikon claims "Chromatic aberrations are virtually eliminated across the entire visible spectrum."

- Leigh

Steve Goldstein
16-Mar-2017, 13:16
I've never had any issues focusing with mine. It's a fine little lens and alternates with the 180mm Fujinon-A in my hiking kit. It's tiny, lightweight (190 grams with caps and mounting ring), and takes 52mm filters. As Mark said, you can easily sell it if you decide you don't like it because it's highly thought of and relatively uncommon. But I'll bet you keep it.

Ken Lee
16-Mar-2017, 13:28
You might find this helpful: 200mm Nikkor M Sample Images (http://www.kennethleegallery.com/html/nikkor200m/index.php)

16-Mar-2017, 13:32
It's my favorite lens, the one lens I'd take if I was only taking one (generally take 4-6), and the last lens I'd give up if I had to sell my lenses. It's also the 2nd lens I bought, and I sold the previous one, so it's the lens I've owned the longest. Get it! It's a great little lens!

David Lindquist
16-Mar-2017, 13:39
I have one, as others have noted it's a fine optic, and compact. As far as its speed, consider that it's only half a stop slower than an f/6.8 Dagor, a bare trace slower than the highly respected 8 inch f/7.7 Ektar and a third stop faster than process lenses like the f/9 Red Dot Artars and Apo Ronars.

Chuck Pere
16-Mar-2017, 14:46
If size and weight were not a consideration why would you choose this lens over a Nikon W 210 f5.6?

Mark Sampson
16-Mar-2017, 14:52
@Chuck Pere, you might not. The Nikkor-W lenses are very good too; I have used a 180/5.6 Nikkor-W for decades. The 210 Nikkor-W will have a larger image circle, if that's important. And it's so long since I was in the lens market that I don't remember their relative prices. Hard to go wrong with either lens.

Eric Woodbury
16-Mar-2017, 16:01
I purchased a 200M last summer. Sorry I waited so long. Small and light. The f/8 doesn't bother me. If you can get a good deal on one, take it. They are scarce in the US, but there are many for a high price coming from Japan. Gram-for-gram, I probably paid more for that lens than any other. It will be my travel companion for a long time. Along with a 135mm, that's all I need. Happy snapping. EW