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15-Mar-2017, 20:37
I have a brass petzval lens that I've used on a speed graphic and want to start using it on my Wista 45DX (which takes Linhof boards). Ya, I need a shutter or an ND filter to get > 1 sec exposures and that's fine. The bigger problem is the brass lens is larger than a copal 3 hole. I don't want to try to file an aluminum board so I'm wondering if anyone has some across a plastic board that would be easier to modify (file/sand).

If you have a reference to an online seller, that would really help out.

Cheers, Don

15-Mar-2017, 20:55
How large a hole do you need?

And what size is the lens (diameter, length front and rear of lensboard, weight)?

- Leigh

15-Mar-2017, 21:27
Depending on where you are located you could have one made out of acrylic on a laser cutter. I know Chicago has public access to one at their library.
(though if it is heavy such a board may not be suitable)

16-Mar-2017, 01:56
I don't want to try to file an aluminum board so I'm wondering if anyone has some across a plastic board that would be easier to modify (file/sand).

Cheers, Don

Making this decision makes your technical solution much harder to find and to realise. In fact, it is very easy to drill and file a correct hole in an aluminum board even for an amateur.

Ralph Barker
16-Mar-2017, 05:47
Depending on the weight of your brass petzval lens, I'd be concerned about a plastic board that will fit your Wista (i.e. thin enough at the edge for the retention bars to work) distorting under the weight of the lens.

As mentioned, aluminum is qite easy to work, perhaps more so than plastic. But, if you don't have the tooling to do it, I'd suggest taking the aluminum board to a local machine shop to get the work done.

16-Mar-2017, 06:02
Beyond materials, the other challenge will be how to secure the lens flange to the thin board... I assume that the lens/flange will be rather large diameter, once you cut the hole, the only place for the screw heads (or nuts) will be behind the lensboard... The inner diameter in the FS is only so big, and the outer area has to be flush, so that will be the concern...

Plastics that thickness will be brittle, so aluminum should be considered, or buy a imported generic board and have it bored out for your size of lens (not expensive)... But your space will be limited on the front of your Wista/Linhof, so lens/flange might be too big (if big)...

Steve K

16-Mar-2017, 06:07
I have a spare wista/technika copal 1 aluminum board that could be used as a donor for boring out. Or if you have the dimensions I can bore it out for you with a hole saw. Just a thought. Your max dimension will be limited by the light-trap on the rear of the board probably. (about 3" diameter?)

16-Mar-2017, 11:40
For that size lens, I'd consider brass or steel. If you buy 1 of the undrilled Chinese eBay boards, you can have it milled by any local machine shop for peanuts. Just bring the lens and board in, explain what you need, and make sure they understand where you want the hole (centered or offset).

Speaking from experience,

16-Mar-2017, 11:56
I make Wista/Linhof size boards from Aluminium sheet, I've used the first two I made for over 30 years now with no issues. I've mounted Thornton Pickard shutters to these boards with a spacer as the shutters are actually longer (in height) than the lens boards themselves.


jose angel
16-Mar-2017, 12:27
Agree, aluminum is not that hard to work.
Anyway, I use fiber glass-polyester sheets. Softer than aluminum to work with.

17-Mar-2017, 05:58
Hey everyone, thanks for weighing in. I've got a spare board and will try to find a shop that can drill the hole for me. The lens is a bit of a weird size at 67mm..

Cheers, Don