View Full Version : Yosemite FWIW

John Kasaian
12-Mar-2017, 13:49
Hwy 140 from Merced and Mariposa is still the only route to Yosemite that's open, right now. 120 Is still closed, as is 41 from Fresno and Oakhurst.

John Kasaian
12-Mar-2017, 19:52
Hwy 41 is now open to one way traffic N. of Fish Camp!

Leszek Vogt
12-Mar-2017, 23:38
Thanks for the update, John. I've been looking at the webcams daily and fantasizing about snow....the 2 inches from the other day somehow didn't count, since everything melted quickly. Hmmm, wanted to prime my new 5x7 rig...and will likely have to wait till next Nov/Dec.