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12-Mar-2017, 13:19
Hi to all,

I'm searching old photos (and new) taken with Puyo-Pulligny Objectif d'artiste for an article and publication.

I'd like to find photo books with pictures taken with the anachromatic lens.

Thank you to all who can help me


Steven Tribe
12-Mar-2017, 14:49
I have already replied in your other thread, mentioning "the french connection".

The "Photo Club de Paris" held exhibitions around 1900 and there were a lot of Anachromatic exhibitors. I don't know if there is an archive. There are poor reproductions in the club's booklet of perhaps 6 photos.

I have casket set and could make you series this year. What kind of subjects?

Dan Fromm
12-Mar-2017, 15:29
Ask on the French LF forum. galerie-photo.info

See: http://cnum.cnam.fr/CGI/redire.cgi?8KE464

13-Mar-2017, 06:26
Thank you very much Dan.

I'm searching photo takes with anachromatic lens (double meniscus lens) to compare with photo takes with same Namias's lens.


Steven Tribe
14-Mar-2017, 15:52
I don't think you can do this comparison with random photos. Pictorial images from these sorts of lenses are very dependent on the aperture (very often not recorded) as well as the lighting settings (especialy back lighting) and wavelength sensitivities of both the original plates/film and paper.

Has to be direct comparison using both lenses with the same images and lighting to draw any real conclusions.

Emil Schildt
15-Mar-2017, 07:48
could this be of any use?


15-Mar-2017, 09:00
Thank you very much Emil. I don'k know this lens. Beautifull the soft of this anachromatique DUPLOUICH.

Steven, you are right, I can't compare random photos. I'd like to see more of this photos taked with this simply achromatic soft focus lens. I'm optician and I know very well optics.

Dan, Thank you very much, I know the optics of Puyo-Pulligny book.

Emil Schildt
15-Mar-2017, 11:49
Guiseppe here's a few more done with the Dupluich

(second one with a cropped version too..)

Steven Tribe
15-Mar-2017, 14:55
As we are into Duplouich, I thought the OP might like to read the details of anachromatiques made there.

This from the recent Pont/Princelle booklet.
Reading order is 1, 2, 4!, and 3.