View Full Version : New Czech 20x24 model available

7-Mar-2017, 18:12
Filip Habart in Prague has just introduced a new 20 x 24. Go to the website and check it out. This is a good video to watch of the set up.


I have purchased from him before - bits of a 20x24 rather than a fully built camera like this.

This is a completely different design philosophy than the camera that Richard Ritter just built for me. Filip's camera is more than twice the weight - it is much more "metallic

7-Mar-2017, 20:04
wow, that first tripod attachment looks like a tricky situation. like one should attach the tripod to the camera first then set the tripod down.

8-Mar-2017, 06:40
that is a very nice looking camera. I did think however I would have wished for a larger lens board for older lenses.

Jim Noel
8-Mar-2017, 11:34
Yesm a larger lensboard, and definitely a larger, more substantial tripod head. The camera is unstable even with the two extra supports.

Drew Bedo
10-Mar-2017, 06:25
Which tripod/head to use is a choice separate from the camera design. Some QR plate would simplify attaching the camera top the tripod . .another choice separate from the camera. I have seen front and rear suplimentary supports used on ULF cameras before.

I liked that the video was done smoothly and confidently without hesitation or uncertainty. I have seen too many YoluTube presentations where the presenter seemed to be a clueless idiot constantly fiddling with the amera and fumbling the demonstration.

30-Mar-2017, 07:16
Back,bellows and holder for my 20x24 were made by Fillip in 2013. I had to redo ground glass myself as it was smashed during delivery to US.
I am not sure why this is new camera - he had extremely similar one back in days showing off on his ebay page, but ok.

Its very decent quality albeit some aspects of buying/making were rough (and i have never gotten inner frame for longer bellows , even though i paid for it, but oh well, it was too painful of a buy at the moment anyway). I am SURE it got better.

I have used it through 3 iterations of making it into full functional camera, and it held up and bellows are still nice and stiff :)