View Full Version : Best Source For Soft Darkroom Hose

Eric Biggerstaff
9-Jun-2005, 20:07
Hey all,

What is the best place to buy the soft rubber hose for a darkroom.

My local Home Depot (or Hopeless and Desprite as I call it) only has the less flexible vinal hose (they have one small diameter latex hose). This works OK but I prefer the softer hose.

Would a medical supply store offer several diameters?


Steve Clark
9-Jun-2005, 20:23
VWR Scientific has Tygon tubing in a variety of diameters and wall thicknesses, very soft and noodley? ( Is that a word?) Anyway, works great and will out live most of us.

Eric Biggerstaff
9-Jun-2005, 22:02

Thanks, I will contact them. Is that www.vwrscientific.com or do you have a contact number?

Thanks again,

Neal Wydra
10-Jun-2005, 02:56
Dear Eric,

Check out www.mcmaster.com.

mark blackman
10-Jun-2005, 03:57
Each to their own. Personally, I'm quite happy wearing normal cotton socks, but if you prefer the feel or soft rubber next to your skin, who am I to comment?

Dan Jolicoeur
10-Jun-2005, 06:45
I'll secound the mcmaster. It is amasing to me how often I place orders there from work, and the order almost always arives the next morning. They do an amazing amount of bussiness. I never had a screw up either. No affiliation! A frequent happy customer.
Good luck,

Calamity Jane
10-Jun-2005, 07:43
Mark: PFFFFFFFFFFT! (That's a "raspberry" in case you didn't recognize it)

Eric Biggerstaff
10-Jun-2005, 08:28
Thanks all. I appreciate the help, it is a little issue so I appreciate the feedback.

Have a great one.

Steve Clark
10-Jun-2005, 21:31
Hi again Eric,
Thier phone is 800-932-5000 and I believe thier website is www.vwr.com, I haven`t looked at that yet, but the catalog that they sent is ENORMOUS!

jonathan smith
12-Jun-2005, 10:11
I happened upon this after changing my bicycle tire, and the inner tube was lying around on printing day.

Just take a bicycle inner tube and cut out a section with scissors. The resulting hose is very soft and flexible, and cheap (less than $2.00).

I used to wash by letting the tap run into the tray. Now I slip an inner-tube hose over the faucet, and I'm ready to go. One tube gave me several lengths.

You can get them in larger diameters also.

12-Jun-2005, 10:46
I have found all the soft hose I need from my beer making suppliers. . . lots of various valves and gates too!


Hans Berkhout
12-Jun-2005, 22:18
Try a pet store (aquarium supplies).