View Full Version : Wollensak Verito or Velostigmat for portraits? Which one do you like?

28-Feb-2017, 15:34
Which portrait lens would you get? A Wollensak Verito 9" f4.5 or a Velostigmat 9 1/2" f4.5?
I shoot mostly 5x7 but somtimes 4x5.



28-Feb-2017, 16:56
Do you want to shoot sharp or soft? The Verito is very soft from F4.5 to about F5.6, and somewhat from there to F8. The Velostigmat has a soft focus adjustable version, that gives slight softness at any aperture. But the regular versions are just sharp lenses. The Verito you have to stop down to about F8 to be sharp, and you need that much light.

28-Feb-2017, 17:18
Google "Wollensak Verito" and go to Images. Then Google "Wollensak Velostigmat" and go to Images. You will see that the images which each lens produces is quite different.

My first LF lens for 8x10 was a 12" Wollensak Velostigmat Series III(?)... it had that adjustable front element ring to soften up the image. I never used it and all my negatives were very sharp. For portraits preferred shooting wide open at f/4.5.

28-Feb-2017, 17:24
Thanks for the info...I will do some more homework with Mr Google. I really want the best of both sharp & soft. You know

28-Feb-2017, 17:59
I love the Velostigmat wide open. There is a very gentle fall off of sharpness.

Kent in SD

Mark Sawyer
28-Feb-2017, 18:15
Tough choice, I love them both. BTW:


William Whitaker
28-Feb-2017, 19:58
I love the Velostigmat wide open. There is a very gentle fall off of sharpness.


William Whitaker
28-Feb-2017, 20:07
Each is a very effective lens. So much really depends on your own style, subject and lighting. Try both and see where you come out. Besides broke, I mean.

1-Mar-2017, 06:44
I'd start with the Velostigmat with the soft focus adjustment. The Verito is more a specialist's lens.