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Jim Reed
8-Jun-2005, 19:42
Good news from the New Ilford. Ilfochrome chemistry in the P-30 consumer kits is NOT dead.
I just received an email reply from Ilford in the UK with the details, but their reply carried such a stern warning about its confidential nature, that I fear for the future of my lovely children. So I emailed them back asking for permission to (disseminate) the whole message here to you all. We'll see.

Neal Wydra
8-Jun-2005, 20:22
Good news indeed.

Doug Herta
8-Jun-2005, 20:51

Now that the cat is out of the bag I cannot sell my remaining P30 kit for big bucks! ; )

Seriously, let me check with my distributor this weekend (they have 38 kits on backorder). I have been putting off mixing up the last kit until I actually have another 2 kits in my hot little hands.

mark blackman
9-Jun-2005, 03:55
I've been able to buy p-30 chemicals throughout last year and this during Ilford's troubles from my usual supplier in the UK (www.silverprint.co.uk). What I am more worried about is the restrictions being placed on transporting it. At the moment, there are several UK suppliers who will still deliver by post but I suspect that will soon change. All you poor sods who live too far away from a shop to buy over the counter had better start stockpiling supplies.

9-Jun-2005, 07:06
This is good news, although I havent printed Ilfo in several years I definitely want to again someday. To guard against future (inevitable??) supply problems, maybe one of you chemist types should work on safe and practical ways to home-mix the bleach, which is the only one you really need to buy anyway.

Skip Abadie
13-Jun-2005, 10:56
I want to try Ilfochrome too, so I'm happy to hear that it may be coming back into the pipeline.

This is probably a silly question, but can you contact print onto Ilfochrome? I don't have an enlarger for 8x10 film.

Larry Gebhardt
14-Jun-2005, 11:51
Skip, you can if you have a way of filtering the light. I use my color head as a light source to make contact prints (just a sheet of 4x5 or 120 for reference purposes).

17-Jun-2005, 13:55
P30 - is to be replaced by a new 3L kit. The old one was a 2x1L kit.......should be available relatively soon. You need to check with SWITZERLAND

ILFORD Imaging Group
Case Postale 160,
CH1723 Marly 1,
Tel: 00 41 26 435 71 11
Fax: 00 41 26 435 72 12


Website - www.ilford.ch

Jim Reed
17-Jun-2005, 14:50
Ilford in the USA has replied to my request to post more details about the new P30 chemistry and when it might be available here in the US. Here is their entire reply:

Hello again,
While we appreciate your offer we request that at this time to please hold
off -- at least for the moment -- as there are still a couple
of loose ends that need to be understood before we start shipping.

You can understand how we'd want to post the information at the time of
release, as we just don't want any false starts after such as long hiatus.

We will advise you when we are ready to post.

Thank you for your understanding.

ILFORD Imaging USA Inc.


10-Aug-2005, 15:42
I have received the new chemistry and I'm just about to try it out! Good luck all--P-30 is back in business!

2-Sep-2005, 23:13
jenny, where did you purchase your new p-30 chemistry? how much did it cost? how do you like your results? any info would be wonderful. thanks!

24-Apr-2006, 08:54
Tried using Illfrachrome P 30 kit which has been in cupboard for 2 years .
I used Illfrachrome Classic paper which was dated 'use by Dec 2005'
The result on all six test strips was a dark red whatever exposure or filtration I used.
Do you think kit or paper or technique might be at fault?

Anybody interested in buying another P30 kit? (purchased 2 yrs ago)