View Full Version : Identify 11x14 film?

28-Feb-2017, 10:00
I bought several 11x14 holders loaded with this film. Anyone have an idea of what it might be? Has a single notch. I'd hate to discard it if usable.

Thanks, Luis


28-Feb-2017, 12:57
You can try to find it here :
There is lots of references about code notch !
I think it's a Fujichrome Velvia, no ?

28-Feb-2017, 13:34
If you can spare a sacrificial sheet, develop one in a B&W developer and see if there are any edge markings. Unfortunately, identical edge markings are sometimes used for entirely different films by different manufacturers. For example, this edge marking shown here is used for Velvia RVP, but also for e.g. Fomapan 100 and 400 - although the latter two aren't manufactured in 11x14 AFAIK.

28-Feb-2017, 17:08
Thanks, it appears from the notch code that it's Fuji Velvia 100 in 11x14. Didn't even know they made it and have no idea where to get it processed were I to shoot it! Oh well. Thanka all. L

MultiFormat Shooter
28-Feb-2017, 18:45
...have no idea where to get it processed were I to shoot it!

Praus Productions (https://www.4photolab.com/) can process 11 x 14 E-6 sheet film.

Jim Fitzgerald
1-Mar-2017, 02:31
It looks to me to be Efke. I shoot a lot of Efke 25 and that has the same notch.

Gary Tarbert
1-Mar-2017, 04:36
It looks like Velvia 50 RVP too me as well , My fingers recognise it as well , It looks like a colour emulsion to me from the photo , if it is that would be very old , has not been made in 11x14 in my recent memory