View Full Version : adjustment of front standard

tom north
8-Jun-2005, 10:31
i have recently purchased a 5 x 7 linhof technika 3, ver 4 for a good price (i think). it is an incredibly built camera, however i know very little about it. i've just sent off for a copy of a manual for a 4 x 5 tech 3 (i hope the two are similar) so that will shed some light on how to operate the camera.

the camera was stored very poorly for a number of years so there is the usual deterioration of leather and pinhole leaks in the bellows but thankfully no rust. the camera is in need of being taken apart, cleaned and lubricated. i have also noticed that the front standard does not lock down to the bed, however nothing appears to be broken or loose.

does anyone know of a maintenance and repair reference available for a tech 3? are there any suggestions for cleaning and lubing the chassis and gears and how do you check and adjust the lock on the front standard to the bed? thanks