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25-Feb-2017, 07:10
I am looking for an extending type lens shade for my 4X5 (Arca Swiss Field) is there a generic make which can adapt to any mono rail camera, or do I need to purchase the manufactures model?

Thanks for any input.

Tobias Key
25-Feb-2017, 07:20

This lee filter hood is the closest thing I have seen to a universal hood. Don't know how easy it would be to access the shutter controls with this fitted.

A bit of hunting on ebay might get a you a dedicated hood. I got a compendium hood for my Toyo for 35, they retail for something crazy like 10x that.

Richard Wasserman
25-Feb-2017, 09:20
I use a Lee hood and like it a lot, I find that it rarely blocks access to a lens. I also have adapter rings permanently mounted on all my lenses, so set-uo is quick and easy.

25-Feb-2017, 11:11
I agree that the Lee system with an adapter ring on each lens is a good solution. I do find that the controls can sometimes be hard to reach with the shade clipped on the adapter ring, but it is very quick and easy to detach the shade, make the shutter adjustments, and reattach the shade.


Tobias Key
25-Feb-2017, 13:58
For clarity I should mention that my Toyo hood fits on the top of the front standard and is hinged so can be lifted up and away from the lens. I don't think there is an Arca Swiss shade can do that (based on a 5 minute search on Google!!) so that makes the lee filter a closer option to the stock item.

26-Feb-2017, 04:24
I use Mamiya G3 compendium! It is adjustable, lightweighr, but need adapter for each lens.

26-Feb-2017, 10:17
Thanks I have looked at some YouTube demo of the Lee hood and it looks like it will do the job.