View Full Version : G.A.S. Ok, I confess!

Calamity Jane
7-Jun-2005, 21:20
Ok, somebody hide my VISA card! Cancel my ebay account!

I did it again :-( That makes 3 (THREE!!!) cameras since 28 April - the Seroco 4x5 folder, then the 8x10, now a Conley 4x5 (ebay #7520455821) I must be outta my tree!

I wanted the Seroco folder as a carry-about camera, but it was missing a few parts (viewfinder and distance scale) - still the price was too good to pass up. Then the Conley came up for auction - it isn't missing any parts and it has the extra extension that the Seroco doesn't have so I threw in a bid. Then the 8x10 came up at a good price, so I bought it. Nobody else bid on the Conley and, when the auction expired tonight, it became mine as well.

With my two homemade 4x5s, I now own 4 (that's FOUR!) 4x5s and a 8x10.

G.A.S. ? Ok, I admit it......

matthew blais
7-Jun-2005, 21:24
Glad to help. Send me your visa card. I promise to not buy any photo equipment with it. I swear.

Jim Galli
7-Jun-2005, 21:26
CJ, in your 3rd paragraph you have some excellent rationalizations that I intend to jot down and store for future episodes of when I need to rationalize some rediculous old pile of.........

I may be able to use some of them in less than an hour. :~')

Jeffrey Sipress
7-Jun-2005, 22:45
Jane, good for you! My friends and all have GAS, which to us is Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, so I guess your ailment is CAS... or LFAS. Enjoy the toys..

Jorge Gasteazoro
7-Jun-2005, 22:50

Careful now, one more S and Jane will kick your AS.... :-)

8-Jun-2005, 00:34

It sounds like you're having fun... :)

What the heck... it's only money!

That's why we all BUST our butts day-in, day-out... to be able to indulge in these little pleasures!

Life is too short not to have fun... so, good on you! :)


Brian Ellis
8-Jun-2005, 04:44
The only cure is to stop looking at ebay. If you look there all the time there will always be something you never knew you needed until you saw it there. Once seeing it you can no longer make a photograph of any kind unless you own it. Just say no to ebay.

Dan Fromm
8-Jun-2005, 06:28
Oh, come on, Jim. You already have the rationalization to end all rationalizations. "I bought it for resale." My wife, who really should know better, accepts it every time and doesn't press me to sell fast. But then, she HAS seen me move all those 38 Biogons.


Steve Hamley
8-Jun-2005, 06:49
Congrats Calamity! The more the merrier.


Edward (Halifax,NS)
8-Jun-2005, 06:52
CJ, your camera to lens ratio is simply awful. You really need to buy more lenses.

Diane Maher
8-Jun-2005, 08:38
I think everyone thinks their "out of their tree" at some point. Enjoy your new acquisitions, Calamity.

Paul Fitzgerald
8-Jun-2005, 08:38
Good morning C.J.,

Now let's see;

rear extention for 8x10;
sliding, split-frame 5x7 back for mom&pop portraits;
period flash powder holder;
lens to camera ratio

No, you don't need any more gear. Really, you don't.


8-Jun-2005, 10:41
Hey, the big auction site has a 4ft x 4ft x 5ft camera listed for the next 3 days. Imagine the folks you could impress with a contact print out of that baby. And it's cheap too. Search for "Old PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERA bellows wood rail enlarger box".

Pat Kearns
8-Jun-2005, 11:46
Jane, calm down, take a couple of deep breathes and count to 10. Feel better? You've got a camera for each hand and two backups and that ought to do it. Don't sit on your G.A.S. in front of the computer screen go outside and use them. Looking at the world upside down should do the trick. If that doesn't do it then send me your credit cards and I will lock them in the safety deposit box next to my wife's credit cards.

Calamity Jane
8-Jun-2005, 12:22
"I will lock them in the safety deposit box next to my wife's credit cards." BAW HAW HA HA HA!!!

neil poulsen
8-Jun-2005, 22:36
It sounds like you view this as a problem. Too bad.

For your next 4x5, promise yourself that you'll sell all four of your current 4x5's for that one great 4x5 camera. Then, just sort of forget to sell the current cameras. It works.

Gene Crumpler
11-Jun-2005, 14:01

Don't feel bad. I own 25 cameras last time I counted. Only one 4x5 at the present time. Most of my money is tied up in MF gear, 2- Pentax 67, 1-hasselblad, 1-mamiya, 2-rollei,1-century graphic and 3-nikons, and of course a digital.
Can't have too many cameras!

Calamity Jane
11-Jun-2005, 15:28
Now THAT makes me feel better. Thanks Gene!

Calamity Jane
11-Jun-2005, 15:38
P.S. I am VERY proud of myself. Although I have bought 4 8x10 holders this past week (for the camera that is on it's way) I have RESISTED bidding on a bunch of Jobo CPE-2s. I keep telling myself that all I need to process 8x10 E6 is a tube - I have everything else except a tank/drum/tube.

I have even made a list of the items that can go for auction!

It helps to get in some darkroom time and USE some of this stuff!

Edward (Halifax,NS)
13-Jun-2005, 06:39
CJ, there is a 19 inch f/11 Goerz Red Dot Artar for sale at your favorite site that would go perfect with your new 8X10.

*can help teasing*

Calamity Jane
13-Jun-2005, 08:09
Edward, SHUDDUP!

(I am trying to be "good")

John Kasaian
13-Jun-2005, 08:16
A pretzval lens accompanied by several chunks of magic lantern is on it's way to my house because...because...well darn it, Jim Galli's portraits looked sooo good I figured I'd like to experiment with a pretzel too. Now thats harmless enough, except I've got a bid on another pretzel that I'll bet will be even better (after all, its french) than the one I haven't even taken delivery of. Its an illness----need help!


Edward (Halifax,NS)
13-Jun-2005, 08:18
I am out of the eBay scene "cold turkey". I get laid off on the 24th and can't buy anything until I get a new job. :-(

Ole Tjugen
13-Jun-2005, 08:28
To lighten the burden a little, I recently discovered that my massive Lancaster Rectigraphic 12x10" lens cost about 30 in 1904. That also happens to be the price I paid for it in 2005, including postage. But in 1904 it was a significant amount, far beyond what most people saw in their lives. Today it is a trifling amount - compared to the price of a NEW 420mm/f:7.2 ULF lens, at least!