View Full Version : Slavich Embossed Glossy - texture?

24-Feb-2017, 07:11
So I was gifted a pack of Old expired slavich paper. I love the texture on it, it's almost slightly dimpled. I would love to get more, but the pack that I have has no english on it so I don't know what I have or what I want. Does anyone here use slavich paper? I tried to take a photo of a print I have, but it's so fine in detail that I can't get a decent shot. The closest way I can describe, it reminds me of old photo booth prints from the '80's. What is the embossed glossy texture like?

Looking on B&H I can find ëmbossed glossy", is that what I am after?

26-Feb-2017, 09:28
Maybe this might work:

"ILFORD MULTIGRADE ART 300 has a textured matt surface with an eggshell sheen. The new base has been specially produced for HARMAN technology by Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH. The fine art base with a MULTIGRADE silver gelatine coating has a cool base colour and warm image tone. Compared to ILFORD FB (baryta) papers slightly shorter wash times are achieved, and the paper can easily be handled in large sheets thanks to its 300 GSM weight."

26-Feb-2017, 15:01
The description isn't very conclusive, but by the way you describe it, fomabrom variant IV 123 comes to mind as a possible alternative. It has a pearly surface.

27-Feb-2017, 03:45
You should look for embossed Bromportrait. It is still made and major European and US shops have it.

4-Mar-2017, 21:16
Sounds like you have either Bromportrait or Unibrom, embossed. I use what Slavich calls the "smooth glossy" versions extensively. In my view they are both excellent papers, and both develop nicely in amidol. The Bromportrait is a chloro-bromide paper, and I am guessing that it has a high silver chloride to bromide ratio. It prints a little like a silver chloride contact paper, but yields better blacks (more neutral vs warm) and of course is suitable for projection printing. I actually prefer it to both Lodima and Lupex for many images, and it is much less expensive. Both papers have very distinctive looks. And I also think that both papers are definitely more interesting than a wide range of other more conventional papers, e.g. Fotoimpex MCC, Ilford Multi-Grade, Oriental, and even Gallerie. I just printed a negative with some guys on MCC and Bromportrait (they were advocating MCC). I think that they will switch to Bromportait now. So you have a very good paper --one that is at least as good as any other on the market, actually, and less expensive.