View Full Version : good olde fashioned hypergon at westlicht in november

19-Feb-2017, 05:15
look under large format lenses

anyone here get it? what's the coverage?
is it as legendary, as the story that surrounds it?

while i don't have plans on ever getting one, my $ is too tied up in penny stocks,
i think it would be pretty cool to be sitting there making a photograph and flicking the fan ..
any lens with a toy attached is OK by me !

Steven Tribe
19-Feb-2017, 08:01
This is a beter link to the Hypergon Goetz series 00 90mm, I think you meant.
Just two bidders.

These do appear about every two years.


19-Feb-2017, 15:06
thanks steve !

those lenese blow my mind
who'd a'thunk, a lens and a toy
to keep the photographer a'wake
wrapped up in one !

fantastic !