View Full Version : Polaroid doesn't print in corners

Stewart Ethier
26-Nov-1999, 15:30
I use a lot of Polaroid Type 54 film, and only rarely do I get a full frame prin t. Most often one, sometimes two, corners are white, spoiling an otherwise perf ect print. Admittedly, this is not too serious, as I mainly use the Polaroid fi lm for testing, but if there is a way to fix it, please let me know. By the way , which is more effective, pulling the print quickly or slowly?

Pete Caluori
26-Nov-1999, 17:41
Hi Stewart, I too shoot a lot of polaroid, but have never experienced the problem you described. I usually withdraw the film packet quickly, but have done it slowly at times too and cannot discern a difference.

Two thoughts come to mind: 1)A light leak because the Polaroid holder doesn't fit well in your camera? 2)Your Polaroid holder has a problem. From your description, it sure does sound like some sort of light leak.


26-Nov-1999, 18:38
It sound like a peeling technique problem. First, try cleaning the rollers thoroughly, and then noticing if it is always a corner where you start the peel, or at the end of the peel. Then try peeling from the other end of the packet. If the corner is always on the same end of the packet then it is roller pulling technique (or a manufacturing problem). If it changes, then you need to peel differently.

John Wiemer
28-Nov-1999, 17:29
Stewart: I have had similar problems with undeveloped white corners with Polaro id Type 52 film. I think Bill's suggestions are worth a try. But even with cle an rollers I still get the white corners. I have noticed that the problem seems to be prevelant when the temperature drops below 40 degrees F. I've tried inse rting the film under my coat and arms and rubbed the film during processing to i nsure even development...but the problem persists. Also, old outdated Polaroid almost guarantees uneven develpment, the pods contatining the processing chemica ls tend to dry out. I never refrigerate Polaroid film since this also affects t he pods. In short, I think Bill's idea of carefully pulling the film is the bes t idea.