View Full Version : Zigaline Mirror

Barbie Lindsay
6-Jun-2005, 02:40
I am looking for a Zigaline mirror for a large format camera, but don't know who makes them or where to purchase one from. Any suggestions of where to start looking?

Armin Seeholzer
6-Jun-2005, 03:03
Hi Barbie

Sinar makes mirrors for photograpic use for places where you not can point the cameralens directly to!

Louie Powell
6-Jun-2005, 04:10
Don't really understand the question - I thought the Zigalign system was for enlargers.

David A. Goldfarb
6-Jun-2005, 05:44
The Zig-Align system can also be used for view cameras and for aligning copy work. Their website is www.zig-align.com. You can order from them.

Frank Doering
6-Jun-2005, 22:03
If you want to align a view camera, it's easy and much less expensive to do it yourself. Buy two first surface mirrors (e.g. from Edmund Scientifics), glue one into a spare film holder. Have a small (1/4 inch) hole drilled into the other and glue it to the back of a spare lensboard. Peek through this hole from the outside to align the camera. (This will work with bellows in place.)