View Full Version : Is my color negative ruined???

15-Feb-2017, 16:48
I've got a terrible stain in the center bit of snow in this photo. I've been processing c41 at home for a few years now and I've NEVER had this problem before and I'm close to desperate to fix this if I can. I've already re-washed and soaked in photo flo without any improvement, which leads me to believe this may be a permanent blemish.

Pleas send halp!


15-Feb-2017, 17:13
Post this over at apug in the Color section. You may get the suggestion to re-do the bleach/fix/wash steps. The only other suggestion I can think of is to fix it (laboriously) in post processing.

15-Feb-2017, 20:52
Bleach/fix it again.

15-Feb-2017, 21:03
blix it with same agitation? it won't hurt it?

15-Feb-2017, 21:17
Nope, you can blix for almost any reasonable length of time with no issues. Don't leave it in overnight or anything.

15-Feb-2017, 23:21

dang, didn't work. on the plus side, I think washing it again helped get rid of some dust.

19-Feb-2017, 12:34
For me, it seems to be stains from the stop. I'd think to blix it again, but you said it didn't work.

Apart of that, I don't really know how to help you :(

Good luck!!!