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Pete Oakley
13-Feb-2017, 11:51
Today I've mixed some F-24 paper fix for the first time. It's pale green, is this usual?

13-Feb-2017, 13:37
No. Did you mix as follows:

Item 1 Ltr 2 Ltr 4 Ltr 8 Ltr
Water (100-125 deg F) 750ml 1500 3000 6000
Sodium Thiosulfate, penta* 240 g 480 960 1920
Sodium Sulfite 10 g 20 40 80
Sodium Bisulfite 25 g 50 100 200
Water to make 1 Liter 2 Liter 4 Liter 8 Liter

*Sodium Thiosulfate, anhydrous 152 g 304 608 1216

*** CAUTION ***
Sodium Thiosulfate, anhydrous Water 80-85 deg F (never over 90 deg F)

Pete Oakley
14-Feb-2017, 04:47
Thanks Alan. I got the formula from the Darkroom Cookbook fourth edition. I used the variation in the book and substituted 22 grams of Citric Acid for the Bisulfite as I only have a small darkroom and although I can keep it well ventilated I can happily live without the smell of fixer. I've mixed a second batch using fresh Sodium Thiosulfate and it's still got a pale green look about it. I'm going to try it.