View Full Version : Sunpak 622 - possible to mount a soft box - speedring available?

12-Feb-2017, 08:20
Is it possible to fit a softbox or any light modifier to a Sunpak 622? I noticed on Chimera's website that they have a product to mount a speedring on a Sunpak 544.

The Chimera product (sku 2750) is essentially a hose clamp with a small bracket. The speedring fits onto the bracket.

Will this work for a Sunpak 622? Thanks for any suggestions.

12-Feb-2017, 09:14
I have a device made by Photoflex that clamps around a round handle-mount strobe and provides a 1/4x20 stud that screws into a speed ring. Looks like it roughly duplicates the functionality of the Chimera bracket you mentioned. But it seems to me neither would work with the 622 with that integral battery pack in place.

Peter De Smidt
12-Feb-2017, 09:23
There are adapters like this: http://www.cheetahstand.com/product-p/bkts.htm There are various manufacturers.

And this: http://www.cheetahstand.com/Cheetah-Speed-Pro-Bracket-MKII-p/bktmkii.htm

12-Feb-2017, 17:39
Good stuff, thanks guys. The Cheetah device looks like it might work, and the Photoflex could work with the flash head rotated 90 degrees to avoid the battery pack. Thanks again.

13-Feb-2017, 09:22
Larson used to have stuff like that for potato mashers