View Full Version : Can I used a Verito 8 3/4" Diffused Focus Lens on my R.B. Graflex Super D?

11-Feb-2017, 22:11

I've got a great Verito 8 3/4" Diffused Focus Lens and an R.B. Graflex Super D. I was wondering if this lens would work with this camera and, if so, how I would mount it. The current lens board has screws on the top and bottom. Would I have to modify anything? Has anyone tried it? The Verito lens is all on the front, so I don't have to worry about mirror interference, but I expect that I won't be able to close the front panel with it mounted. It also has no shutter so I would be completely dependent upon the Super D's internal shutter for exposure.

Thoughts? Experiences?


12-Feb-2017, 01:43
Looking at my Verito 9" (with Studio air shutter) + RB Graflex Super D (4X5 Auto diaphragm model) mine will... I haven't mounted mine, as I have a barrel Gundlach Hyperion SF to use, but if the mounting flange is not larger in diameter than the step on the rear of the board, is not more than half inch beyond the rear, and longer than 190mm (about 8") you should be fine depending on your model... If the flange is too big for the rear step, (and can't be front mounted) there is a solution for plan B...

I don't know exactly the models you have, but you can remove the lensboard, and hold the lens about where it will mount (don't fire the mirror until you are sure it will clear), but you can see if it will focus while holding the lens...

Search the archives here under "Super D Graflex" for some posts I have made on how to mount different lenses and make Graflex C lensboards... Questions welcomed!!!

Good Luck,

Steve K

12-Feb-2017, 06:22
Seems like the RB Super D wasn't made to have swappable lensboards. Did you make your own swappable lensboard system? If so, are you using the focal plane shutter at all or are you just leaving the curtain wide open and relying on your air shutter for the exposure?

12-Feb-2017, 06:28
Not sure about the Super D, with it's auto aperture linkage. I have mounted many different lenses on my Series D 4X5. I just cut lens-boards out of old Masonite clip-boards that I get at yard sales and flee markets.

12-Feb-2017, 06:33
No, no, the D's lensboards are interchangeable... If you push the lens + board upward, and pull out the bottom, the board will pivot outwards... The 4X5 later models used the C lensboard... You can buy or make them, and try different lenses on the camera (if the fit passes all the tests)...

My Graflex has a soft lens on it, but I use my Verito on a 4X5 view camera, with the air shutter for slower exposures, or I screw the elements into a Betax #4 shutter for faster sunlight speeds...

I tend to just use the FP shutter in the Graflex, unless I do time exposures with it...

Steve K

Simon Benton
12-Feb-2017, 11:19
The 8 3/4 Verito works perfectly on my 4 x 5 Super D. No aperture linkage obviously but I almost always use it at F4.