View Full Version : 90mm Super-Angulon in Synchro-Compur: how to keep it open for focusing?

11-Feb-2017, 14:12
I just joined this forum. I currently have a Arca swiss monorail that I bought about a year ago and I had a lot of fun working in B&W with it. I am living abroad for the next couple of years and I just recently got a good? deal on a Tachihara 4x5 that is ideal for travel. The lens I got for it is a 90mm Super angulon Schneider with a Synchro Compur shutter. The lens does not seem to have any way to keep the shutter open for focusing? Am I missing something. I can use the shutter release held down on B to focus, but I am hoping that I must have some other way to do this. Thanks for any help. Looking forward to taking shots with the Tachihara. It is a beautiful looking camera. It is incredibly light, but that being said I want to make sure I have a tripod build like a tank to put it on.

Dan Fromm
11-Feb-2017, 14:22
Early 90/8 SAs were in Compur #00 shutters that don't have press focus or a "T" speed. I have one such in front of me. Its #00 has a cable release socket. Does yours? If it does, use a locking cable release and the "B" setting to hold the lens open for focusing.

If it doesn't, unless the deal was absolutely unbeatable return it for a refund and shop for a 90/8 SA in a #00 with a cable release socket, a newer one in a #0, or a 90/8 Fujinon a #0. I suggest the Fujinon only because they seem to sell for a bit less than comparable SAs.

11-Feb-2017, 14:23
Find a mark on the shutter ring dial that says "T". Set the dial to T, press shutter. (It might have a "Z" , which is German for Zeit=time.) It should just stay open until you press it again.

Kent in SD

11-Feb-2017, 14:32
I do have the "B" setting and I have a cable release mount that is good. Thanks for the quick response, I wasn't sure if I was missing something. The "t" setting would be easier, but unfortunately it does not have one. Perhaps that is why it seemed a lot cheaper than other lenses I was looking at. The whole system is new to me and I am really looking forward to using it over the next month. Glad I found this forum. I have been shooting MF for the past year and going bigger is a whole new world.

Jim Noel
11-Feb-2017, 16:25
Get a locking cable release so you can focus with shutter set on "B" with it locked open. Then release to close the shutter and proceed with your exposure.

11-Feb-2017, 23:08
My f Deckel Munchen COMPUR has the markings for T and B on the shutter speed selector. But, you don't cock the shutter on those two. For T (orB) you set the mark on T or B and then click the shutter release. It will open T for focus, or B for your timed open. Took me a while to figure that out, but it works fine that way.