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Calamity Jane
2-Jun-2005, 08:55
As ya'll probably know, I started LF about a year ago by building a 4x5 camera, then another one, then a colour enlarger, then bought an old Seroco folder. My darkroom is all set up for 4x5 colour and B&W. Never had any intention of doing anything larger than 4x5! Lenses are TOOO expensive for 8x10.

Then I got into Tintypes and set up a hobby business doing Tintypes for Cowboy Action Shooters, both live sessions and doing Tintypes from digital files. I built light-tight drying chamber, portable darkroom, and so on and so on.

Well, I had a couple of enquiries asking if I could do 8x10 Tintypes and I told the customers 8x10 Tintypes would be EXPENSIVE! They were unphased.

Now I told you (as if you didn't know) that 8x10 lenses are expensive and I wasn't really interested in 8x10.

So, this morning, while trolling that auction site for some more 4x5 film holders, I stumble across an old wooden 8x10 of unknown ancestry, complete with a lens, that's of the right vintage for my Tintype work, and it's got a "buy it now" price that's less than what I'd expect to pay for an 8x10 lens. Sure, it's not a Deardrof, but Tintype portraits doen't require a fantastic camera or a flawless lens. Sooooooo, well . . . . I gave in to temptation.

You guys are a BAAAAAD influence!

Guess I had better go back and look for a couple of 8x10 holders . . . .

(Somebody PLEASE take away my VISA card!)


2-Jun-2005, 09:00
according to the nice people on a musicians' message board that I visit sometimes, you've come down with a bad case of gas.
Gear Acquisition Syndrome. and yes, it's contagious, and yes, everyone here should apologize for passing it to you.

Juergen Sattler
2-Jun-2005, 09:08
It happens to all of us:-) Three years ago I got into LF with a cheap Crown 4x5, then I wanted more movements so I bought a Sinar F1, then I realized that it's hard to hike and backpack with that monorail, then I got a Technika III, didn't like the movements or the controls, then on to a wooden folder until finally I bought a new Canham metal. I thought that now I was all done buying LF photogear (I won't even go into the lenses I went through)

Then I found this old Korona 8x10 with lens on the auction site and I got really cheap and I thought - heck, it would be fun to restore it, make it look real nice and then just use it as a display item. Well ........ I bought one 8x10 holder ..... then chrome 8x10s ...... and wouldn't you know I convinced myseld that I could NOT live without an 8x10. So I kept shooting with the old Korona until one day I contemplated how much nicer and easier to use and more movements and smoother and........ a new 8x10 would be. I did my homework and bought this amazing Wehman 8x10 camera and this tiny Fuji 300C lens and I am as happy as a little kid in the candy store.

I am afraid now to look on the 8x10 and larger auction site. Wouldn't you know there are bigger formats out there and ......................................... Help, someone help me!


Steve Hamley
2-Jun-2005, 09:16

Think how much better they would be in 11x14....


Stan. Laurenson-Batten
2-Jun-2005, 09:17
I was diagnosed with that GAS syndrome with 10X8. The treatment was for me to do plenty of exposing in the wild open spaces. I am almost cured, but have decided wholeheatedly to continuing the treatment just in case the urge returns...

Calamity Jane
2-Jun-2005, 09:18

(that's a "raspberry" in case you didn't know!)

tim atherton
2-Jun-2005, 09:20
Did you ever check out the little tintypes thing in National Geo?



Edward (Halifax,NS)
2-Jun-2005, 09:26
CJ, you can write it off on your income tax. ;-)

Dan Fromm
2-Jun-2005, 09:33
Hmm. So Calamity is followed by disaster.

Well, ma'am, in the immortal words of Nancy Reagan, "Just say NO."

2-Jun-2005, 09:38
Ya forget that 11x14. You want 16x20 -)

Paul Butzi
2-Jun-2005, 10:28
a) if you were to do 20x24, you'd be the only person on the planet who did 20x24 tintypes. Wow!

b) I'm really, really, really sorry.


David Van Gosen
2-Jun-2005, 10:44
Call Lens & Repro and ask about used 8x10 film holders. I got some older wooden ones from them recently for $10 each. One or two of the holders I got just needed to be retaped; otherwise they were fine. The newer (but still used) plastic ones were $40.

They were pleasant on the phone as well. That's something I'm not used to when calling any store in New York.

Regards, David

Ralph Barker
2-Jun-2005, 10:59
Welcome to the 8x10 GAS chamber, Calamity. Your Visa card will be dead soon. ;-)

But, bad influence? Hey, that's what e-pals are for! ;-)

Mark Sawyer
2-Jun-2005, 12:06
But CJ... being bad can feel sooooooo good! Welcome to the club; we'll have to show you the secret 8x10 handshake...

Calamity Jane
2-Jun-2005, 12:17
Secret 8x10 handshake?

Is that the one where you turn your pockets inside out?

Edward: The tax implications are the main reason I decided to do it as a business rather than "on the side" for cash. I get to buy my Tintype related materials with tax free money. As long as I show a profit within 5 years and pay tax on the profit, I can get away with it.

To the rest of you guys, I am so touched by your sympathy. (I can hear all the muffled chuckling all over the continent!)

Ellen Stoune Duralia
2-Jun-2005, 13:23
Well, now you've gone and done it!

LOL - congrats on that fab 8X10. Thank God I still don't want one. No - really! I don't!

John Kasaian
2-Jun-2005, 13:33
Lenses more expensive for 8x10? New ones maybe, but for the used stuff they are often the same---a 240 G Claron for example costs the same no matter what format you stick it on. Ektars and Wollys that will cover 8x10 are often cheaper than slightly newer german and japanese lenses that are the darlings of the 4x5.

C'mon Calamity, you always knew you'd get an 8x10 eventually! Just wait until the 12x20 bug bites!

Enjoy that 8x10!

Calamity Jane
2-Jun-2005, 15:17
John: SHUDDUP!!!!!!!!

Ellen: (sly knowing grin)

Jim Galli
2-Jun-2005, 16:06
Hi CJ. Great camera. I'm pretty sure it's an early Seneca before they turned all black. And the lens is very likely a Wollensak Rapid Rectilinear which will be perfect for what you propose. A great stride! Congrats!! BTW for portraits, unscrew the front element off that shutter and just use the back alone. Should focus at about 24" or so.

Mark Sawyer
2-Jun-2005, 16:41
CJ- if you want to have fun figuring out what it is, here's a good place to start: http://www.fiberq.com/cam/ (Guide to American Field Cameras, 1879-1930)

QT Luong
2-Jun-2005, 16:56
At the price you paid for the kit, it doesn't look like you're throwing money out of the window. I suppose you could easily "ebay it" for the same price when you move up to 11x14 :-)

John Kasaian
2-Jun-2005, 17:07
....and you probably got air line miles for your Visa purchase too, right? Right??

Think of how much you could get for an 12x20 tintype! ;-)

Christopher Perez
2-Jun-2005, 17:17
Guys. Guys! Slow down on CJ a bit. Don't push her too hard. 16x20 or 20x24 may come with time.

She is wise to be skeptical. Some of us have been listening to your banter for far too long and "bought" into this ULF stuff. Hook. Line. Sinker. Keeping up has cost some of us. Dearly.

Its gotten so bad that some of our wives go into our toy rooms and say silly things like "... gosh, this sure looks a whole lot like a camera store to me! I knew you'd fill this space to the rafters with junk!!!"

Too many Rolleiflex sub-miniture 6x6 format TLRs, two 4x5 std. format cameras, one 8x10, one 10x12 back to fit one complete 11x14 camera, one 7x17, holders for all, and enough lenses to sink the Titanic (has she sunk yet?). Of course, she's right. And who's to argue? Hurts, don't it?

CJ is correct to wonder over your sanity! :-)

Steve Hamley
2-Jun-2005, 18:06

There's an 8x10 out there with your name on it. BTW, I'll have mine at Roan Mountain and you can try it if you want.

Flowergeek's 8x10 was only about $200 (Kodak 2D). Agfas are in the $400 range (Morely Baer used one IIRC). and decent NFS Deardorffs are in the $600 range. 8x10 B&W film is $2-3 a sheet. Your longer 4x5 lenses will likely work. There are a lot of lenses in the $200 range on FeeBay that will work.


Jim Rice
2-Jun-2005, 18:36
Contributing to your deliquency is more or less our duty. Enjoy.

Paul Fitzgerald
2-Jun-2005, 19:24

Sorry, but it is not like banging your head on the wall. It doesn't feel better if you stop. Nice camera, noticed that it takes a rear extension, think really, really long lenses.


Bruce E. Rathbun
2-Jun-2005, 19:56
Welcome to the jungle! My experience started out with 4x5 and I now use 8x10/8x20 & 11x14. What a BAD habbit. Since you are no doubt on a nickle and dime budget I will make the following offer. There is a box of 100 sheet ilford Multigrade fiber base paper in my fridge that you can have. As my silver printing is only on Azo there is no need for the paper to be wasting away. There is about 85 sheets left I think. Spring for shipping and the paper is yours for the taking. E-mail me if you are interested. Good luck with the 8x10. Contact prints are amazing.


Calamity Jane
3-Jun-2005, 04:02
Thanks for the offer Bruce but I'll pass. I have 3 partial packages of 8x10 papers left over from my MF days - I tend to print very little.

The 8x10 is "justified" by the requests for 8x10 Tintypes, so that will be my main focus. I will, of course, have to try some Delta 100 and E100G just to see what it looks like in 8x10 :-)

Actually, I am not on a "nickle and dime" budget. I am a fairly well-paid professional but I have this "Scottish streak" in me (my apologies to those of Scottish descent) and too many hobbies. While I accumulate 3 different 4x5 cameras, a 4x5 colour darkroom, and now an 8x10, the house needs paint and repair and I owe more on my credit line than my mortgage! I REALLY should be spending my money in more "practical" ways but it's hard to pass up a "bargain" ;-) I am sure that NOBODY else on this board spends money on camera gear that should really be going to home maintenance, car repair, kids clothes, or other practical necessities . . . . right?

Robert Skeoch
3-Jun-2005, 05:27
Way to go, you'll find 8x10 is a great stepping stone to 11x14 and larger.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
3-Jun-2005, 05:43
I will go against the flow and say I think that 8X10 is the perfect format for you and that particular camera fits well with the location you will be shooting. Some of your other lenses might cover at portrait distances. What lenses are you shooting with in 4X5?

Calamity Jane
3-Jun-2005, 07:02
In my collection of 4x5 lenses I have:

a Schneider Symmar 5.6/150 convertable in a Synchro Compur shutter

a Ilex Paragon 4.5/6.5" in an Acme Synchro

a Wollensak EXWA 12.5/3.5" in an Alphax shutter

a lens of unknow make (I guess about 250mm) f8 in an Actus shutter (came with the folder)

a Goerz Doppel Anastigmat 8 Inch in a Bausch & Lomb brass pneumatic shutter that hasn't arrived yet (this one is "period correct" for the folder)

then 8x10 has a brass lens (guessed to be about a 13") in a Wollensak shutter

GOOD LAWRD! When did I accumulate so darned many lenses! Maybe I am suffering from G.A.S. after all :-(

Paul Fitzgerald
3-Jun-2005, 07:16

"I am sure that NOBODY else on this board spends money on camera gear that should really be going to home maintenance, car repair, kids clothes, or other practical necessities . . . . right?"

You mean it's not NORMAL to have more film in the frig than food? Now I'm really confused.


Edward (Halifax,NS)
3-Jun-2005, 07:38
I would try the 250mm and 8 inch lenses as moderate wide for full length/couples shots.

Paul Butler
4-Jun-2005, 06:41
Hey, I discovered the perfect answer for GAS! (in my case, 5x7 which is half way between 4x5 and 8x10).

Cut up the visa card, and just use cash or AMEX that you have to pay off each month. Then, go ahead and spend just as much money as before (that should go for the new roof, clothes, etc.) on gear. You can still have more film in the fridge than food. But you don't feel guilty anymore!

P.S. Print lots of good pictures of your spouse and kids for good measure, while taking this "cure".

Dan Fromm
4-Jun-2005, 09:55
Only six (6), lenses, C'lamity? That's not many. You have a ways to go, if you want to go at all.

I've found that it helps to sell the surplus. Reduces the financial burden, clears the shelves so more can be added. And since I've had a few wildly successful, um, speculations, when I tell my wife that the lens that just arrived was bought as a speculation, she's pleased.



4-Jun-2005, 18:27

It's ONLY money! :) That's why you work so hard... to enjoy spending it on bad habits! :)


Looooooooook deeeeeeeeeply into my eyes.............

You're feeling verrrrrrrrrrrry tired and want a 11x14...........

When I snap my finger........... :)

Ah, that felt goooood! :)


Jim Rice
5-Jun-2005, 15:52
A girl after my own heart. *sigh*

Calamity Jane
5-Jun-2005, 21:31
Humm . . . I wasn't sure about you guys before . . . now I AM sure!