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9-Feb-2017, 12:16
Its going to be terrific in California!


neil poulsen
9-Feb-2017, 22:28
Where in California would you suggest going for Wildflower photos?

Jeff T
9-Feb-2017, 22:59
Neil, in Southern California, there is El Tejon Ranch near Gorman, and in the Central Valley, The Carrizo Plain Monument, Soda Lake. Look out for Bureau of Land Management reports, and the park rangers will answer the phone. Time frame is usually mid March to April.


neil poulsen
9-Feb-2017, 23:47
Thanks. I'll be traveling to Carmel during the first week of April. I'll see if I can find something along the way.

10-Feb-2017, 10:36
Here are two of many resources: http://www.desertusa.com/wildflo/wildupdates.html


10-Feb-2017, 11:17
Table Mountain near Oroville is *highly* recommended, but it does get very crowded on weekends during peak bloom.


13-Feb-2017, 18:47
Anza Borrego is looking good. Heading there in a couple of weeks. I'll post the conditions.

28-Feb-2017, 10:18
Yesterday 2/27, San Diego County got pounded by a tropical storm up from Baja with up to 8 inches of rain in mountain areas causing flooding. Inland in desert areas of most wildflower interest, Borrego Springs had 3/4 inch and stations around Joshua Tree NP over an inch. Will supercharge already rising wildflowers. By end of next week will likely be on the road south for a long road trip. This will all peak then go to seed quickly as is the way with annual desert wildflowers while media and visitors as usual will be slow to take notice and miss the early peaks just like with the Superbloom at Death Valley last year.



From my Wisner 4x5 during the last major desert bloom on the Cottonwood Bajada of JTNP in 2005:


13-May-2017, 10:35
My spring Southern California wildflower work was very successful. Managed to get in 20 days in the field over 3 road trips. Read about and view images on this link Pages 2 through 7 with the below images on Page 7:


I spent 4 days at Carrizo Plain National Monument in April during its amazing wildflower blooms and captured several strong large multi column row stitch blend sized images with my A6000 on a manual panoramic head. This 17700x6000 pixels panoramic stitch blend image of an unbelievable otherworldly dreamlike location is certain to be the most valuable once I begin running 8K UHD monitor exhibitions. And as described in my feature text, it was difficult to capture due to weather causing me to return a week later after my first attempt:


And from the same tripod position at 9600x9900 pixels:


When we finally get a break from the constant breezy windy weather that has been plaguing us for weeks up here in the north, I hope to get back down to Point Lobos with my Wisner 4x5 Expedition loaded with Provia 100F and capture some seascapes that are impossible with digital stitching.


13-May-2017, 14:57
Wow very nice David.