View Full Version : Refrigerating Polaroid Film

Tom Jones
1-Jun-2005, 12:47
I realize this is a bit of a beginner's question, but does anyone know what the shelf life of Type 55 and Type 52 film is when it's refrigerated in either the original package or zip lock bags? I have a couple of boxes of each that are about a year out of date. I'm curious to know what to expect.


1-Jun-2005, 13:04
Hope for the best, but expect the worst (even in-date Polaroid is more than a little iffy). Whatever you do, be sure to store the film FLAT.

Tom Jones
1-Jun-2005, 13:30
Thanks, Bill. Actually, three of the four boxes were stored on their side. They've been back flat at room temp for the last week or so. Hopefully the developer will flow properly...

Jonathan Brewer
1-Jun-2005, 16:56
I would have trouble w/a box of Polaroid 55 p/n film when I would first break the foil seal and use part of the box, after putting that opened box back into the box, and leaving there for more than a couple of weeks, I would get several malfunctions/jams, I no longer put opened boxes/the film in zip lock bags, back into the fridge, so no more malfunctions, I believe the mositure/humidity in the fridge messes up the packets.

I store my film flat, if I've bought film for later, I'll store it in the fridge(seal unbroken) until I use it, and count 6 months from the point I've taken it out of the fridge as the period of time the film will be any good.

So this works for me, cold store it w/the seal unbroken, once you use it, take it out of the fridge, and store it flat in a fairly dry/cool place, it's good for me for approx 6 months after taking it out of the fridge if I store properly.

I have had bad boxes from vendors, and I suspect some vendors aren't particularly careful in the handling of Polaroid film. I switched to Polaroid 545i holders to elimnate one more variable as a potential problem, each jam/problem w/a packet costs about $2.00, so I buy locally, and if I have several bad packets from a box, I take the messed up packets, the remaining film in the box, and my holder back to the vendor, they see that I have a fairly recent 545i holder, they can play w/the film themselves, and I usually get credit for the film that's blown and a full box.

Once you've stored this film past its exp. date forget about a refund, I always test a sheet or two from a box way before the exp. date to avoid this dilemma.